Halloween Hijinks!

Which one should we vote for, folks?

As we entered Coronado Springs this morning, we were met with a pleasant surprise. They want us to vote!


As popular as she is, it’s hard to deny Elsa, but I do have a fondness for Sorcerer Mickey.


Then, again, take a look at that burger and fries!



Which Cast Member carved the best pumpkin, folks? Leave a comment and tell us who to vote for!

Retro Epcot?!

Digging through my files, I found this old, Christmas-time view of Epcot from World Showcase.

Retro Epcot

I just love the way I caught the lagoon, Christmas tree, Spaceship Earth, and clouds.  Don’t you?

With the holidays around the corner, it leads me to ask … have you ever visited The World at Christmas?  What are your favorite memories?

The All in WDW 2014 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival FINAL Top 25!

I know.  Finally, right?!  I have never waited this long to announce my Final Top 25!

What’s the story this year?  Well, it boils down to the fact that I knew we would be able to make several trips back to Food & Wine this year … and, a whole lot of personal indecision.

Frankly, folks, in the last month, the All in WDW Top 5 has changed and been re-arranged more times than I can count!

Anyway, with roughly two weeks of festival left, let’s, first, quickly review my Pre-Festival Top 25 …

  1. Mongolian Beef Steamed Bun – China
  2. Cheese Ravioli – Italy
  3. Seared Mahi-Mahi – Singapore
  4. Kālua Pork Slider – Hawaii
  5. “Le Cellier” Beef Filet Mignon – Canada
  6. Shrimp Taco – Mexico
  7. Grilled Beef Skewer – Patagonia
  8. Rib-Eye Taco – Mexico
  9. Teriyaki Chicken Steamed Bun – Japan
  10. Roasted Verlasso Salmon – Patagonia
  11. Tilapia – Brazil
  12. Crispy Pork Belly – Brazil
  13. Lamb Meatball – New Zealand
  14. Grilled Lamb Chop – Australia
  15. Beijing Roasted Duck Steamed Bun – China
  16. Kimchi Dog – South Korea
  17. Seared Sea Scallop – Scotland
  18. Slow-braised Beef with Puerto Rican-grown Rice – Puerto Rico
  19. Beer-braised Beef, Potato, and Leek Waffle – Belgium
  20. Braised Short Ribs – France
  21. Seared Rainbow Trout – Canada
  22. Griddled “Yard Bird” – Farm Fresh
  23. Baked Lobster Alfredo – Hops & Barley
  24. Griddled Greek Cheese – Greece
  25. Nueske’s® Pepper Bacon Hash – Farm Fresh

For the full re-cap, let me invite you back to my pre-festival posts – Part I and Part II.  You’ll see why I thought the above order was the perfect menu to pursue.

So, after three visits to World Showcase, what was the result of all my re-ranking and re-organizing?  Well, here it is!  The Final All in WDW 2014 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Top 25!  Oh, their pre-festival ranking is in parenthesis.  Click on each dish’s name to get to the DELICIOUS part – the pictures!

  1. Lamb Meatball – New Zealand (13)
  2. Kālua Pork Slider – Hawaii (4)
  3. Mongolian Beef Steamed Bun – China (1)
  4. Roasted Verlasso Salmon – Patagonia (10)
  5. Seared Mahi-Mahi – Singapore (3)
  6. Grilled Beef Skewer – Patagonia (7)
  7. Shrimp Taco – Mexico (6)
  8. “Le Cellier” Beef Filet Mignon – Canada (5)
  9. Tilapia – Brazil (11)
  10. Beer-braised Beef, Potato, and Leek Waffle – Belgium (19)
  11. Slow-braised Beef with Puerto Rican-grown Rice – Puerto Rico (18)
  12. Nueske’s® Pepper Bacon Hash – Farm Fresh (25)
  13. Crispy Pork Belly – Brazil (12)
  14. Seared Sea Scallop – Scotland (17)
  15. Kimchi Dog – South Korea (16)
  16. Grilled Lamb Chop – Australia (14)
  17. Cheese Ravioli – Italy (2)
  18. Griddled Greek Cheese – Greece (24)
  19. Rib-Eye Taco – Mexico (8)
  20. Braised Short Ribs – France (20)
  21. Seared Rainbow Trout – Canada (21)
  22. Baked Lobster Alfredo – Hops & Barley (23)
  23. Fresh Potato Pancake with Smoked Scottish Salmon – Scotland (Unranked)
  24. Spicy Hand Roll – Japan (Unranked)
  25. CraB’less CraB Cake – Terra (Unranked)

Other Dishes

How in “The World” did it shuffle around so much?  Well, let me tell you all about it …

Wait!  Let me really tell you all about it … on the WDW Magical Main Street Memories Podcast!  Click here for a “LIVE” explanation!

What happened to Japan’s Teriyaki Chicken Steamed Bun, China’s Beijing Roasted Duck Steamed Bun, and Farm Fresh’s Griddled “Yard Bird”?  What powered Hawaii’s Kālua Pork Slider “comeback”?

Why did China’s Mongolian Beef Steamed Bun lose its “title”?  And, how in The World did New Zealand’s Lamb Slider skyrocket to #1?

Listen to the show and find out!

Another Hurricane on Crescent Lake?

Oh, OK.  No catastrophic meteorological events are headed WDW’s way.  I didn’t mean to sound that alarm.

Mrs. All in WDW and I stopped by for another visit to Hurricane Hanna’s last weekend.  That’s all this post’s title meant.

You remember, Hanna, don’t you?

Photo Oct 18, 1 33 00 PM

Great bar.

Photo Oct 18, 12 40 47 PM

Greater views.

Photo Oct 18, 12 41 03 PM

Photo Oct 18, 12 42 33 PM

Most times, when we visit, we’ll order off the bar’s menu.  Their seared tuna is a particular favorite of ours.


And, so are their pork sliders.


But, this time around, we checked out the counter service’s menu.

Photo Oct 18, 1 31 45 PM

Photo Oct 18, 1 31 37 PM

Photo Oct 18, 1 32 10 PM

We found our choice to look phenomenal and be generously loaded with shrimp, scallops, and lobster.

Photo Oct 18, 1 23 53 PM

If it were us, though, we would have preferred much more seasoning … even if it were just a more solid dose of salt and pepper.

As always, we enjoyed our visit to Crescent Lake.



Stormalong Bay is scenic and fun.  The Yacht and Beach Clubs are beautiful.  And, Hanna’s is a great place to chill with a beverage and a snack.

Try it!

Has WDW Transportation Been Rescued … Finally?

Disney Transportation takes its “lumps”.  Oftentimes, for very good reasons.  Well, maybe help has finally arrived!  The last few trips, we’ve seen these “guys” all over property.



Much more visible than we remember them ever being, it’s quite a relief to see them out and about.

For example, the fellow in the first of these two pictures rescued us from an hour-long wait at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Where were we going?  Uh, to the Animal Kingdom!

The line was two buses long, and the Guests were quite grumpy.  Seriously, how in “The World” could it be so hard to get a bus from the Animal Kingdom Lodge to the Animal Kingdom park?!  Sheesh!

Is the much-more visible presence of Transport Leaders a sign that Disney is making a focused effort to fix some of their issues?  Time will tell.  Hopefully, however, Guests will start to see less of the problems we’ve all experienced in the past.

How about you?  Do you have any WDW transportation “nightmares” to share?