[Full] Dining Recon: Spice Road Table

It’s all Doug’s fault!  I’m speaking of Doug Davis of the WDW Main Street Podcast, of course.

First, he enticed me into falling in love with the Rose & Crown’s Bangers and Mash.  Then, he got his partner, Dennis Conroy, and I all wrapped up in the delights served by Morocco’s Spice Road Table!

Located across from the pavilion’s main area …


… you’ll find Spice Road Table!



This, as yet, under-appreciated destination for sampling Mediterranean small plates opened earlier this year with ample outdoor …



… and indoor water-side seating.  Perfect for watching Illuminations!




It even houses its own bar!  Want to stop in for a quick drink as you stroll around World Showcase?  Here’s your spot!


When it comes to the food, I have to confess, I was a bit apprehensive of what Mrs. All in WDW and I were to find.  You see, my previous experiences with Moroccan fare – mainly at Epcot’s annual Food & Wine festival – always left me feeling that the flavors weren’t in my palate’s “happy zone”.


It was early in the day, and quite a bit chilly in Florida, so we started our experience with Café Espresso …


… and Café Au Lait.


We wanted a light bite for our early lunch, so we decided to order one small plate for each of us.  Following Dennis and Doug’s recommendations, I just had to have the Tingis Sampler.


This “little taste of everything” includes Moroccan Lamb Sausage – a North African Spicy Lamb Sausage served with Tomato, Red Onion, and Cilantro Salad.  I found this to be quite tasty.


It also presented a Harissa Chicken Roll with Spicy Ketchup.  I have to tell you one thing … that ketchup was phenomenal and went very well with the lamb sausage!


And, finally, the “star” of the plate was its Lamb Slider.  Served on Brioche with Cucumber Dill and Mint Tzatziki Sauce, it was just a tad overdone but very, very good.  The little bit of olive salad was a good accompaniment.


Saying that nothing on the Tingis Sampler interested her, Mrs. All in WDW went a different direction and chose the Mix Grill Skewers.  Beef and Chicken with Garlic and fresh Herbs graced the plate.  She loved, loved, loved it!


Folks, my words of advice are this … we approached our visit to Spice Road Table with hesitation.  We weren’t sure that the tastes were going to be “our type of thing”.

Fortunately, we listened to Doug and Dennis.  In fact, did you catch the show they did for All in WDW?  It was a special audio “Dining Recon” and can be found at this link.  Please go back and take a listen.

They inspired us to give Morocco’s new eatery a try.  Now, we’d add it to our list of WDW’s “not so” hidden gems.  Folks, we’ll be in The World with our son and his fiancee’ over the holidays, and I have to tell you, Spice Road Table is on our “hit list”!

“All roads lead to the spice road table!”?  Let it lead you there as well!


BIG News! New Attraction Coming to WDW?

I don’t usually focus on reporting WDW news items, but I stumbled upon this one and found it quite interesting!

According to a web site called AuditionInside.com, Walt Disney World has issued an “Open Call” aimed at casting a new show in Orlando.  See the full text here.

Casting Call

Essentially, Disney is looking for “[m]ale and female a cappella vocalists of all ethnicities for a new entertainment offering at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL.”

They are seeking “… energetic, youthful, dynamic personalities to perform a ”mash-up” of popular songs in a variety of musical styles.  Vocal percussion skills, extreme vocal range and control, sight-singing, and quick study memorization skills are all a plus.”

OK, my friends.  So, where is this new attraction going to find itself?  What will it be?

My guess?  Some stage show in Hollywood Studios!  Hey!  They have to find some way to keep us coming as they tear out attractions!

How about you?  Have you heard any rumors?

Mmm! Hot Salted Caramel!

Good morning, folks!  Our thanks go out to All in WDW reader Denise Gagne Minear who provides us with this “Dining” Recon for Prost!

You remember Prost!, yes?  I just introduced it to you a few days ago.  Here’s a reminder – their menu …


Well, thanks to Denise, we get to see one of these delights … along with her comments!  Phenomenal picture, by the way!  I love the nutcracker in the background.  Great photography!

Folks, here’s a cup of Hot Salted Caramel!  Take it away, Denise!  And, THANK YOU for your contribution!

“Sure, no problem!  This drink is our family Epcot holiday favorite.  It’s quite rich, so we usually share.  I wish I could recreate this from home!

Hot Salted Caramel

I wanted to also try the Gingersnap S’more (all in the name of research, of course), but they were out!

The service at this booth was very slow both last weekend and this weekend.  Other than that, two big thumbs up for this one!”

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?!

A cup of Hot Salted Caramel and a Gingersnap S’more aren’t the only thing you’ll find in World Showcase’s German Pavilion this year.

Although, I have to say … Prost! has to be on your “to-do” list if you make it to Epcot this holiday season.  Yum!  Take a look back at their menu!

Also found in Germany, there’s a second booth.  It’s called Glaskugel (German for ‘glass sphere’), and it’s offering its wares … glass Christmas ornaments!


It wasn’t the kiosk, itself, that caught my eye, though.  Take a look at that “not so” snowman!  What a happy looking fellow!  I just had to snap a shot of him and his silly grin!

Have a great day, folks.  I hope the day leaves you smiling as much as “Frosty” here!