The All in WDW Readers’ Top 15 Resorts Table Service Restaurants!

Can you believe I ran off to WDW last weekend without spilling the All in WDW Readers’ Top 15 Resort Table Service Restaurants to you?  Sorry.  I did.


Oh, and by the way, how did our impromptu trip to Orlando come to be?  Great story.  Well, for me, at least.

A week ago Monday, Mrs. All in WDW asked me, “Do you want to go to Disney this weekend?”  Uh, yes?  That wasn’t a hard question!

Actually, she’s asked me this before, I’ll have you know.  Can you believe I have hesitated to answer in the past?

This time, I was on Travelocity in an instant.  Minutes later, we had a room at the Swan.  Now, that’s a story for another day, by the way.

Anyway, back to the “show”.  You guys did a phenomenal job with our last poll.

In fact, if I were asked to offer family, friends, and fans dining recommendations, I’d be glad to use this list.

Great job, you guys!  Bon appetit!  Now, go make those ADRs!

  1. Ohana
  2. California Grill
  3. Boma – Flavors of Africa
  4. Chef Mickey’s
  5. Kona Café
  6. Whispering Canyon Cafe
  7. Beaches & Cream Soda Shop
  8. Sanaa
  9. Yachtsman Steakhouse
  10. Jiko – The Cooking Place
  11. Cape May Cafe
  12. Flying Fish Cafe
  13. Artist Point
  14. The Wave… of American Flavors
  15. 1900 Park Fare


A “Friendly” Stroll Around World Showcase!

Good morning!  I hope you’ve all had a great start to the week.  Myself, it’s been pretty busy already.  For one thing, I spent most of Sunday in the car.  Why?

Well, I didn’t really publicize it all that loudly, but Mrs. All in WDW and I escaped on one of our infamous impromptu visits to The World this past weekend.

Yes, we enjoyed another unplanned “bonus” trip to Disney.  We had a great time, as ultra-short visits go, and it was highlighted by us meeting a new friend.

Dennis Conroy of the “WDW Magical Main Street Memories Podcast” is a big supporter of All in WDW.  It was our pleasure to be able to spend several hours with him as we strolled about World Showcase this past Saturday.

Photo Apr 19, 1 11 14 PM

We enjoyed some of “Food” & Garden’s best.  We engaged in a lot of great WDW-related conversation.  Do us a favor, and give Dennis a visit at WDW Magical Main Street Memories!

Mrs. All in WDW and I listened to an episode driving home Sunday, and I have to tell you that Dennis, and his partner, Doug Davis, do a great job.  In Show #90 covering activities outside the theme parks, they each presented their Top 10 favorites.

That prompted us to create our own as we cruised back to Atlanta.  But … full disclosure.  Although she helped with the overall list, Mrs. All in WDW would probably pick a little bit different rank order than this.  She made me point that out!  Hah!

At any rate, here they are:

  1. An Evening at Laguna Bar
  2. Wishes from California Grill or the Top of the World Lounge
  3. Lunch at Hurricane Hanna’s
  4. Zebra-watching at the Animal Kingdom Lodges
  5. Walking around Crescent Lake
  6. Monorail-hopping around the Monorail Resorts
  7. Chilling at Tambu Lounge
  8. Enjoying the BoardWalk Entertainers
  9. Exploring “Undiscovered” Resorts
  10. Attending a Braves Spring Training Game

And, if Doug and Dennis will indulge me with a few more …

  • Cruising on the Friendship Boats
  • Riding the Magic Kingdom Ferry
  • A Trip on the Seven Seas Lagoon Resort Launches
  • Sassagoula River Cruise
  • A Walk from Hollywood Studios to BoardWalk

Thanks, guys!  Great idea.  Great show!  And, thank you for all your support!

We’ve been SKEWERED … again!

Well, I guess that’s it, then.  Nothing can stand up to endless skewers of meat, can it? Ohana just keeps adding accolades to its trophy case.

In late 2012, we crowned this ultra-popular restaurant as the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Buffet/Family Style Restaurant.  In that contest, Ohana defeated Boma by four slim votes.

Last year, the Poly’s marquee restaurant won again to become the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Monorail Loop Restaurant.  It absolutely “demolished” a yet-to-be finished “new” California Grill.

Well, we’ve retired those two voting “categories” for 2014, but, now, Ohana has utterly destroyed both the Animal Kingdom Lodge’s buffet, as well as the Contemporary’s newly-refurbished Signature dining spot, again.

Ohana is the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Resorts Table Service!  But, I have to ask … why?  Why?  What are you talkin’ about, Bob?!


Well, I need to know.  Is it the quantity and quality of the food?  Does the ambiance and theming make this such an intensely popular choice?  Or, is it all a sheer product of the “Polynesian Effect”?

I’d LOVE to hear your opinions.  Please leave a comment on this post, on Twitter, or on Facebook.  Why DO we love the Poly?  Why DO we crave an ADR at Ohana?

For our part, California Grill, Sanaa, Boma, and Flying Fish are much more solid choices for our ADRs.  Don’t get me wrong.  We’ve had our share of enjoyable meals at the Poly.

Both Ohana and Kona are great restaurants, but when we think “favorite” … when we think ADR, we think of those four aforementioned alternatives first.

Have a great day, my friends!  Thanks, again, for all your support and votes this week.  Cheers!

Our Favorite Resort Table Services – The HUGE Finale! VOTE!

Wow!  What an EPIC voter turnout yesterday, my friends!  THANK YOU!  Thank you very much for your phenomenal support!

It’s been a really long week of voting, but, FINALLY, we’re at the finale!  And, what a huge Final Four” it is!  You’ve done a great job of building, what should be, an exciting last-round poll.


Introducing our finalists … we have a newly-furbished, astounding Signature restaurant with a legendary view of the Magic Kingdom’s nightly fireworks extravaganza.  One of my family’s favorite WDW destinations, by the way!

We have one of the most-sought-after Disney character-meal venues.  And, to round things out, we have two absolutely monumental “meat fests”!

Today’s vote is going to be a blast!  In fact, I’m so excited, I can’t wait to get started.  So, off you go!  VOTE!  Pick ONE – your Favorite!

Only EIGHT left! Which will win! VOTE!

When you think about it, how many ADRs do you make when you go to Disney?  Five?  Six?

If you gave someone this “List of Eight“, couldn’t they make their visit to WDW a great culinary experience?

Maybe we are helping people out!  After all, if our friends are looking for recommendations, we’re compiling a great bunch of options.

Whispering Canyon!

For now, though, let’s toughen it up!  You can do it, folks!  Carve this bunch down to a “Final Four”!

As always, VOTE for ONE in each group.  The Top 2 from each group will reach Friday’s big finale!