Take Your First Shot at Soarin’ Trivia!

Do you remember Spaceship Earth Trivia?  Of course, you do!  Well, Soarin’ Trivia works the same way, of course.

Let me start with a short survey … have you ever enjoyed a journey on Soarin’?  A bunch, I’d bet.


Anyway, how many times have you endured the long lines or sprinted to a kiosk to grab a FastPass ticket?

How many times have you taken a ride on Soarin’?

So, now that we’ve established whether or not you’re addicted to the smell of pine trees and orange groves, let me hit you with this challenge … how well do you know Soarin’?

Soarin’ flies you through a series of scenes as it takes you on a tour of California.  Which one of these best describes the third (3rd) scene you’ll see on your journey?

Good luck, my friends!  Is this a tough one?  We’ll see tomorrow, I guess!  Cheers!

Another Room with a View!

Some time back – about a year ago, in fact – I posted my OWN shot of Crescent Lake.

Taken from high atop Disney’s Yacht Club, it was OUR room with a view.  Stop back and take a look.

Well, thanks to family friend, and avid All in WDW reader, Will F., we get another angle on this very popular area.

Shot from his weekend “home” at the Dolphin, Will passed this along to me last Saturday.

Photo Nov 16, 7 33 48 AM

I just love the fact that he caught Spaceship Earth and Epcot on the horizon.  Plus, he timed one of my beloved Friendship boats passing under the bridge?

Outstanding picture, Will!  I hope you had a great trip!

Hey!  Do you have any especially picturesque photos that you’d like to see on All in WDW?

If so, send them to me at bob@allinwdw.com!

It Still Comes Down to Two Simple Words …

Happy 2nd Birthday, All in WDW!

“When … all is said and done, it [still] comes down to two simple words.  Two words that you’ve heard (or read) me say before … THANK YOU.  Yes.  Thank you.”

I’m paraphrasing that from what I posted this day one year ago when All in WDW reached its 1st anniversary.  It’s no less true today.

One more year later, I can still declare that Mrs. All in WDW and I are having an absolute blast.  We’ve done SO much.  Made so many new Disney friends.  Experienced so much more of WDW’s magic.

Best of all, we’ve experienced the magic of your loyal readership!  THANK YOU!

ALL of you who have faithfully followed our posts on a daily basis.  Everyone on Reddit.  All who have re-Tweeted our Tweets.  Those that have Liked our posts on Facebook.  All of you who have Liked All in WDW on Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and Tumblr, THANK YOU!

If you voted in one of our polls, tried your mind at our trivia questions, or commented on a post on All in WDW, THANK YOU!

My friends, I thank you again so very much on behalf of my wife and I for all of your support over the last two years.  We look forward to bringing much, much more to you.  All our best from All in WDW … because YOU are the best!

Finally, without food, a post isn’t an All in WDW post, now, is it?

Some of you may have seen this a few days ago, but let me introduce you to the best burger on Disney property … Laguna Bar’s Cheddar Burger!

Photo Nov 15, 11 34 58 AM

Prepared in the Las Ventanas/Rix Lounge kitchen, this burger is an absolute delight.  True WDW burger aficionados might dispute my claim, but that’s right, Beaches & Cream lovers … I said Laguna Bar serves up THE “best”!

Photo Nov 15, 11 35 08 AM

Bon appetit!

The Great Movie Ride Gets Showered With Love!

Wow!  Just, wow!  The response to yesterday’s “Rehabilitate?  Or, Eliminate” was utterly phenomenal!  You blew “social media” out of the park!  Disney’s Hollywood Studios park, that is.

Yesterday, we asked … The Great Movie Ride.  Should we rehabilitate?  Give it a bit of a facelift, maybe?  Should we eliminate?  Replace it altogether?  Or, should we leave it alone?

Well, a whopping, and overwhelming, 90% of you think that Hollywood’s “iconic” tour through the ‘world of cinema’ should stay just right where it is.

You left dozens and dozens of comments, mostly filled with passion and adoration.  Such as:

“One of my favs!!!  That is like the heart and soul of Hollywood Studios.”

“Please don’t eliminate!”

“They’re taking away too many of the classics already!”

“It’s a ride for all ages!”

“Family favorite!!”

Disney! 036

Having said that, of the 90% that want The Great Movie Ride to survive Disney’s “shutdown spree” through Hollywood Studios, over 80% feel the attraction needs a facelift.

Your ideas ranged from general sentiment to detailed “Project Plans”!  Take a look …

“I definitely think a massive rehab needs to happen.”

“Add a few scenes from current movies and it would be great.”

“The movie that shows in the queue needs to be longer and include more movies.  The rest just needs updating.”

“It needs a rehab that is at least as significant as the one Spaceship Earth got a few years ago.  All-new animatronics, new script, and scenes from different films.  But, I’d like the theme to still be movies from the last 100 years or so … not just modern movies.”

“Update the Western – gangster – Indiana Jones parts and I’m good.”

One reader, Jay, really put on an Imagineer’s hat!  Excerpted and edited, he said, “What if they used the same technology they used in the Mystic Manor attraction at Hong Kong Disneyland to bring movies to LIFE?

The premise is you are going through a collection of static movie sets and memorabilia, than something happens … and everything comes to life.  Maybe keep an in-vehicle soundtrack that doesn’t know what’s going on, so it can stay historic.

A recording is playing ‘… you see our collection from Star Wars, which came out in 1977, and was directed by George Lucas …’, but, all around you, Darth Vader is asking you to join him.

Meanwhile, Luke is using The Force to throw boxes over your head and declaring, ‘No.  They will never join the Dark Side’.

HD projections systems combined with movie sets and modern Audio Animatronics could really be impressive!”

Wow!  Great work, Jay!

My opinion?  I agree with the rest of you.  Refurb by refreshing the attraction.

I love the idea of a longer queue presentation.  The movie trailers are great, but it is a bit of a drag when it loops back to “the beginning”.

One comment, yesterday, proposed the addition of Marvel characters – namely, The Avengers – to the ride.  I wish!  In fact, if possible, that would be a no-brainer for my “Project Plan”.

“There is a disconnect with people under 30.”  That sentiment, as stated by another of our readers, embodies the concept of adding a few scenes from current movies.  That’s the direction I would go.  Keep the ride, but spruce it up!  Bring it into the 2010′s.

Finally, I think these questions sum it up … “Isn’t this kind of the theme of the whole park?  Movies from Hollywood?”

Yes.  Right on target!  Refurb, Disney.  But, do not eliminate!  We, the Re-Imagineers, have spoken!

Rehabilitate? Or, Eliminate? – The Great Movie Ride

Welcome back the The Walt Disney Company, my friends!  I hope your “career” in Disney’s design and development division – Walt Disney Imagineering – has been all that you expected!

Oh, first.  Did you answer the survey question we were discussing yesterday?  In the Spaceship Earth scene in question, two (2) operators are seated!  72% of you re-imagineers got that one right!  Great job!

Now … back to work!

As you know, WDI is responsible for the creation and construction of Disney theme parks worldwide, and we need you to take on another assignment!  You did a great job with your first assignmentEllen’s Energy Adventure lives!

Today, we need you to transition to a new project.  You’ve heard the rumors, I’m sure.

Disney! 035

The Great Movie Ride.  Should we rehabilitate?  Give it a bit of a facelift, maybe?  Should we eliminate?  Replace it altogether?  Or, should we leave it alone?

Your task is a two-part job.  First, what’s your vote?  Second, if you want to rehabilitate, what do you suggest we do?  If you want to eliminate, what should take its place?  What’s your “Project Plan”?

Leave your comments on this post, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

This is what we do, folks.  It’s Imagineering.  It’s “Re-Imagineering”!  We need your help!