Our Favorite Resort Table Services – The HUGE Finale! VOTE!

Wow!  What an EPIC voter turnout yesterday, my friends!  THANK YOU!  Thank you very much for your phenomenal support!

It’s been a really long week of voting, but, FINALLY, we’re at the finale!  And, what a huge Final Four” it is!  You’ve done a great job of building, what should be, an exciting last-round poll.


Introducing our finalists … we have a newly-furbished, astounding Signature restaurant with a legendary view of the Magic Kingdom’s nightly fireworks extravaganza.  One of my family’s favorite WDW destinations, by the way!

We have one of the most-sought-after Disney character-meal venues.  And, to round things out, we have two absolutely monumental “meat fests”!

Today’s vote is going to be a blast!  In fact, I’m so excited, I can’t wait to get started.  So, off you go!  VOTE!  Pick ONE – your Favorite!

Only EIGHT left! Which will win! VOTE!

When you think about it, how many ADRs do you make when you go to Disney?  Five?  Six?

If you gave someone this “List of Eight“, couldn’t they make their visit to WDW a great culinary experience?

Maybe we are helping people out!  After all, if our friends are looking for recommendations, we’re compiling a great bunch of options.

Whispering Canyon!

For now, though, let’s toughen it up!  You can do it, folks!  Carve this bunch down to a “Final Four”!

As always, VOTE for ONE in each group.  The Top 2 from each group will reach Friday’s big finale!



Vote! Our “Sweet Sixteen” Resort Table Services … Redux!

OK!  Let’s try this again, shall we?

Proving that we did do the right thing yesterday, one of the four “forgotten” Table Services did, indeed, slip into our “new” 2nd Round set of polls.

Flying Fish Cafe

Of course!  Mrs. All in WDW and I paid our first visit to Flying Fish last July.  It was outstanding!

Flying Fish

Now, I don’t know if “the killer fish of Crescent Lake” will emerge victorious this week, but it certainly deserves the chance to earn a spot in our Top 10 … at the very least!

I just knew I had to “reboot” the process this little bit, my friends.  Thanks, again, for your patience and support.

So, let’s return to our regular “program” and its normal rules.

You can vote for ONE restaurant in each of these four groups.  The Top 2 in each group will proceed into our Top 10 and will continue to compete in the “Elite Eight”.

Which will one of these will become the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Resort Table Service?  Vote, my friends. Vote!  We’ll have a “winner” soon enough!

Uh, thanks, Disney! Vote in this unplanned playoff, fans!

So, I’ve learned a really hard lesson about Walt Disney World’s web site … as well as my own ability to use their sort function.

This is what I do when I construct a dining poll.  I go to the WDW website.  I query Dining.  I select Resorts … ALL of them.  That will become important in a minute.  Finally, in the case of this week’s poll, I filtered further to select Table Service options.

That’s where everything, evidently, went way wrong.

You guys are the best to NOT have noticed.  Really.  And, if you DID notice and kept it to yourself, you’re a gem.  May all your days be “magical”.

Frankly, I didn’t even catch it until after I had already published yesterday’s “Round of 16″.  What is it, you ask?  The BoardWalk restaurants didn’t make it onto the first-round list of “competitors”!

Why?  Because Disney doesn’t list them under Resorts.  They list them under “Other”.  Huh?!  Now, what do I do with that?!

I stressed out over it all day yesterday.

I suppose I could have just proceeded as if nothing was wrong and moved on to Round 3 today.  But, Flying Fish Cafe is such a popular dining destination.

The chef's counter at Flying Fish!

The chef’s counter at Flying Fish!

Despite its impending closure, Kouzzina by Cat Cora® still plays a key role in WDW’s culinary landscape.

And, of course, there’s also the BoardWalk’s more casual options – ESPN Club and Big River Grille & Brewing Works.

All of these, at the very least, deserve a chance at “the prize”.  So, what in “The World” do I do?

Here it is … my friends, we interrupt this week’s poll for an Eight-Attraction Playoff! What?!

Including yesterday’s votes, these are the four restaurants that have received the lowest number of our votes.

  • Artist Point
  • The Wave… of American Flavors
  • Captain’s Grille
  • Shula’s Steak House

There’s one poll below.  In it, our “forgotten four” will battle for the right to enter the tournament.  How?  They will need to vanquish the four table services listed above.  The prize?  A spot in a repeat of yesterday’s “Round of 16″!  Yes.  Four of these eight will enter, or re-enter, the tournament.  Then, we’ll jump into the “Sweet Sixteen” one more time.

It’s simple.  One poll.  You can vote for as many as FOUR of these establishments.  That’s right.  Four.  Get to it, my friends.  On behalf of Disney and myself, I’m very sorry to make you do the extra work, but … well, it’s the fair thing to do!

Bon appetit!

Vote for your Favorite! Our “Sensational Sixteen” Table Services!

Reflecting on yesterday’s collection of 38 Walt Disney World resort-based Table Service venues, we got a comment from Rebecca on Facebook.

She said, “I feel like I’m cheating because I haven’t eaten at every single one of these. But, most of my votes seem to match the majority so I guess I’m on the right track anyway.”

We see that type of feedback a lot when we run a dining or resort poll.  After all, who has had the time or money to try every WDW restaurant or resort?


On the other hand, the attraction polls are easier.  At some point or another, you’ve probably experienced much of what the parks have to offer by way of rides and entertainment.

The advice I gave to Rebecca was, “I always say you vote for the ones you like OR the ones you want to go to!”  It’s the truth.

Don’t be shy about voting, folks.  There are restaurants in these groups that you’ve been to and really love.  There are some that you’ve heard about and really want to try.  Don’t be afraid to vote for one of them.  In the end, they’re all great!

Let’s move on.  We’re down to sixteen of the best places to eat in “The World”.

Vote for 1 in each group.  The Top 2 will move into our Top 10 and remain in the battle to be named our Favorite!  Don’t forget to tell your friends!  The more votes, the better!