If you had $100,000 …

Yesterday, one of the Lines chat family (@princessinlove) asked a “Fun fantasy question. If you had $100,000 to spend on a trip to WDW, how would you spend it? How long would you stay and where?” Great question! For my wife and I, we would want to know just how long we could stay in The World without leaving. After all, we NEVER want to leave. I’m sure you know how we feel. It was a laid-back day, today, so I did some investigating.


To estimate a cost for lodging, I went to Disney’s website to run a Room-Only quote. The first thing I learned was that you can only request a quote in maximum increments of 30 nights. I had actually heard this before, but I had never tried to quote trips longer than 10-14 days. When I tried to quote January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013 for this little exercise, the web site politely told me I was a wacko and said, ‘Forget about it!’ So, I went to my much more time-consuming backup plan. I quoted each month of 2013 individually. A standard room at Pop Century looked like this:

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2012 Food & Wine Top 25 – #21 to 25

Now, moving into the real Top 25, let’s hit numbers 21 to 25.

#25 – Pork Pot Stickers (China)

Pre-Festival: #25

Change: None

At #25, we jet over to China for pork pot stickers. Honestly, the pot stickers were just fine. The only reason they hit both the pre-festival and final list at #25 is because I expected them to be – and they were – just ordinary. You can get pot stickers just about anywhere, and how could the poor F&W kiosk compete with the ones presented by ‘Ohana?

#24 – Roast Bratwurst (Germany)

Pre-Festival: #20

Change:  -4

We have to travel to Germany to find #24. For the second year in a row, the roast bratwurst was a disappointment.

Well, to be correct, 2011’s version wasn’t listed as a brat. It was described as Nürnberger Sausage in a Pretzel Roll. Basically, it was the same thing – a relatively …

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Gotta Love Zazzle!

I love it! I, finally, made my first purchase on Zazzle.com, and it arrived today.  The best WDW picture I have ever taken (just look at the top of the page to see how much I like it) is now my iPhone 5 case!

What took me so long to take advantage of this rockin’ web site!  Currently intransit to me are two coffee cups and a mouse pad bearing the same image.

Oh, and not to forget, at long last, I’ve ordered my Liner buttons. Next trip, I’ll be ready to properly meet up with the Lines chat family!


2012 Food & Wine Top 25 – #26 to 28

I’m going to start the presentation of my 2012 Food & Wine Festival Top 25 with a quick look at the dishes that finished in 26th, 27th, and 28th place. Huh? 26th to 28th? What’s up with that?  I told you I’m a F&W junkie, and as hard as I tried to stick with just the 25 plates I planned on eating as I prepped my pre-festival list, I succumbed to temptation. So, finishing in 28th place was:

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Welcome to “All in WDW”!

Hi, I’m Bob Sikon, and in the “Disney-verse” I’m probably best known as @Rasoutlaw.  Weird, huh?  That’s because you can find me, most times, bumping around in the chat room on the Lines app owned by TouringPlans.com.  @Rasoutlaw is my name over there, and, oh, that’s my name on Twitter.com as well.  Why “Rasoutlaw”?  Well, the ‘Ras’ part is easy – those are my initials.  The “outlaw” part is a longer story.  Have you ever seen Kevin Costner’s “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”?  There’s a scene in there where he says, “They call us outlaws.”  I LOVE that scene.  Plus, at the time we first watched the film, we were living on a street called Sherwood Drive.  1+1=2, and Prince of Thieves+Sherwood Drive=Bob’s an outlaw.  Now, am I really an outlaw?  Of course not.  I’m about as straight-laced and WDW-luvin’ as they come.

Where else could you of heard of me on the Internet?

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