WDW Trivia! – “Cinderella’s Gauntlet” Continues

OK, so you guys are on a roll this week! 49% of you were right on target – the moat surrounding the castle holds approximately 3.37 million gallons of water. Wow, that’s a lot of water!

It’s amazing what random, and somewhat useful, statistics you can find on the Internet. The reported average price of a bottle of water (according to the International Bottled Water Association and as of February 24, 2012) is …

… $1.35.  So, to fill the moat with bottled water would cost a bit under $34.5 million dollars and take over 25.5 million 16.9 oz. (500 ml) bottles if those bottles cost the average price.

The total average plastic bottles consumed per person annually is 167, so, if we use the aforementioned bottle size, about 153,000 of us would have to give up our yearly allotment of water to fill the moat. There, like I said … somewhat useful knowledge. Ha-ha.

I don’t think we’re quite done yet. Cinderella Castle is a unique landmark with a ton of special features. You guys really are on a roll. Can you keep cranking out right answers if I keep the questions coming? Now, don’t tire out on me, fans! “Cinderella’s Gauntlet” continues with …

How many gargoyles are on the outside of the castle?

Castle Close-Up

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