WDW Trivia! – The Answers

Good morning, everyone!

My thanks to all of you who took a shot at yesterday’s two trivia questions, and my apologies … they turned out to be a bit harder than I had expected!

I really enjoyed setting up Question #1 – The Flight Number. First, the answer … as you are loaded into the “gates”, you are given Flight Number 5505. 14 of 55 of you, or 25.45%, got that one right.

Just so you know, the “5505” stands for …

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WDW Trivia!

Twin trivia today, folks!

This morning, we’ll leave Disney’s Magic Kingdom and our epic journey to elect Splash Mountain as “king of the hill” behind.  Instead, let’s glide across property to Epcot.

With typically-long wait times, and quickly-vanishing FastPasses, Soarin’® is …

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Dining Recon: BoardWalk Bakery

I might be better off calling this post a “WDW update” rather than a dining recon as this establishment has been closed for quite a while now.  Hopefully this fine Quick Service will soon spring back into life. Well, it still “lives” in a manner of speaking, but it is only a shell of its old self. OK, not a shell – a tent.

In our opinion, one of the best Counter (Quick) Service meals in WDW is a turkey sandwich with chips from BoardWalk Bakery. Their turkey sandwich is huge! So large that …

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Disney on the Diamond

If you’ve taken a peek at All in WDW’s “About” tab at some point in the past few months, you’ve seen that I have a history bumping around in the world of fantasy baseball.

This time of the year is always a challenge for me because I love baseball.  I love spring … and, I adore Spring Training.  Why is it tough, though?  Even though I ‘hung up my cleats’ a few years ago, when Spring Training comes around, I can’t resist the need to draft baseball players!  It is excruciating!  After years of playing the game, it’s just too darn difficult to put it completely away.

Anyway, this year is no different … with one exception.  Like Disney, I started wondering if it would be possible to …

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Upset! Splash wins! Splash wins!

 Like an epic March Madness battle, after which this week’s poll was designed, four attractions entered this Disney-obsessed arena, and only one emerged with the crown.  It is Splash!  Call it the “king of the mountains”, but you also have to, henceforth, refer to it as the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Magic Kingdom Attraction!

Yesterday, after 762 page views provided by 613 distinct visitors to the web site and a whopping 422 votes, we ‘made it so’!  And, what a shocking result it was … to myself and Mrs. All in WDW, at least.  Why?  Just consider the data …

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