“Food” & Garden – The Smokehouse Still Rules

When it comes to the Top 20 list, I mentioned the other day that, “I have a rule … once the final list is published, it doesn’t change.” Well, it is a good thing … because The Smokehouse really struggled in our return trip to the festival.

Woody says, "Howdy! Welcome to The Smokehouse!"

Woody says, “Howdy! Welcome to The Smokehouse!”

Smoke that pig!

Smoke that pig!

What's on the menu?

What’s on the menu?

Now, to be clear, the pig slider and beef brisket were both out-of-this-world outstanding in March. I’m not shy to admit that, over the course of that long weekend, I had …

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“Food” & Garden – Where’s The Salt?!

As I think back to our first visit to Epcot’s International “Food” & Garden Festival in March, I can’t believe that Mrs. All in WDW and I had the audacity – or the courage – to tell a world-class chef that one of his dishes was way too salty!  Hah!  In fact, we told him that TWO of his plates were way too salty!  The nerve!

If you saw it, you’ll remember that, on the last day of our first trip to the festival, we were treated to a visit from Epcot Executive Chef Jens Dahlmann.  As I reported, “He asked us …

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“Food” & Garden – It Begins … Again!

Late last week, Mrs. All in WDW and I traveled back to “The World” in order to engage in some very important research.  Oh, who am I kidding?  We headed back to “Food” & Garden for another helping of Disney cuisine!

Now, contrary to what you might think (given our love for both Food & Wine and, now, “Food” & Garden, that is), we did not eat everything on the menu.  What we did do, however, was re-sample some of our favorites … and re-visit some of the dishes that we just didn’t like back in March.  After all, we are charitable folk, and we wanted to give some of Chef Jens Dahlmann’s ‘best’ a second chance.

We hit town around Noon last Thursday, so, of course, right after we dumped our bags off in our room, we headed straight over to World Showcase to eat lunch.  And, no lunch can start right without a proper drink.

Don’t you agree?


Mmmm. Beverly.

We started off at Florida Fresh and had some Shrimp and Stone-Ground Grits.  I had ranked them at #4 in the All in WDW 2013 Epcot International “Food” & Garden Festival Top 20, and they delivered once again.

Mrs. All in WDW hadn’t had this dish back in March (she tried a bite of mine), so it was her first full serving.  Her only critique was that she would have preferred the tails to have been removed from the shrimp.  It made the serving a bit harder to eat.  Otherwise, the taste was still a delicious combination of spicy and creamy.  Overall, it was still a hit.

Shrimp 'n Grits

Outstanding blend of spicy and creamy.  Picture is from our trip in March.

Next, we headed to Mexico to give that booth’s pork taco another shot.  If you remember, I rated this one at #14 in the Top 20 and “Just OK”.  When I published my “Flash Report” for this dish, I said that it was “a disappointment”.  Mainly, that was because its pork rind component “overpowered” the plate.

Pork Taco

In March, with a “ton” of pork rind!

I went on to say that, “the thing that could have saved it was the fact that the taco contained a generous helping of pork. I said, ‘could have’. The problem is that the pork needed more seasoning – or a sauce. As bland as the pork was, the pork rind was just too strong.”

Well, ever the culinary “scientists”, we came up with, what we thought was (and ended up being) a great idea.  How would the taco fare without the pork rind?  As it turns out, it was much, much better.  And, the Tamarindo salsa and green onion gave it just the right taste.

Much, much better!

Much, much better!

Now, you might be asking yourself, is it still #14 on the list of final rankings?  It is.  I have a rule … once the final list is published, it doesn’t change.  Besides, what we “created” wasn’t the official “Food” & Garden offering.  Having said that, our version of the taco would have made the “Recommended” section of the Top 20 list and could have been ranked as high as #7!

Our final visit for lunch on Day #1 was China.  Oh, those Spring Pancakes.  I will unashamedly admit that I had three of them over the course of the weekend.  They are so good.  They finished at #3 in March, and I have to tell you – if I did allow myself to change the rankings, they might have been able to knock off the Smokehouse’s pig sliders and beef brisket.  More about them later in a few days, though.  As it is, China’s offering was still outstanding!  And, by the way, Mrs. All in WDW hadn’t had this plate in March either.  She agreed with me … it is a winner!

My friends, thanks for joining us for “lunch”!  We’ll be back tomorrow with more from Epcot’s World Showcase and “Food” & Garden “Overtime”!

Simply delicious!

Spring pancake? Simply delicious!

Plastic RFID-enabled Annual Passes

When we renewed our annual passes back in January, Mrs. All in WDW and I were a little bit disappointed that Disney wasn’t quite ready to reward their Annual Passholders with new, plastic, RFID-enabled versions of park-entry tickets.

Therefore, in the past few months, as we entered parks the “old-fashioned” way, we gazed at all the lucky park-goers who were getting the opportunity to tap their cards against futuristic-looking, silver, Mickey-headed posts and we were incredibly jealous.

Park Entry Posts

Well, a little over three months later, we …

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All in WDW “Flash Report” – Park Schedules

For those of you who have seen these already, bear with me. For those who haven’t, I thought you might like to see a quick “Flash Report” introducing you to WDW’s new park schedules.

Well, here they are! Click on the images for a ‘zoomed-in’ view.





Notice the QR code on the bottom of the back page? As we’ve toured The World in the last few days, we’ve noticed that …

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