“I am Iron Man!”

“I am Iron Man!”

OK, so, no, I’m not Iron Man. I think it’s only fitting, though, that today’s post begins with the opening lyrics penned by lead singer Ozzy Osbourne of the English, heavy-metal rock band, Black Sabbath, and his colleagues. Why? Because, today, Iron Man returns!!

Poster 3

Iron Man Returns!

I don’t usually make a big deal out of movie openings and the like on All in WDW, preferring to deal out massive doses of WDW-specific content, but I had to make an exception today. Iron Man 3 hits the theaters today, May 3rd, and it makes me very sad.

Sad? Why? Well, let me explain.

If you’ve followed me, you know that about three years ago, my family experienced a corporate relocation from Cleveland, Ohio to Atlanta, Georgia. If there was ever a good time for a move of that magnitude to happen to someone, it was a good time for us. You see, as Mrs. All in WDW and I loaded the house into an eighteen-wheeler, our son journeyed off to college. From a family perspective, it was that time of his life to become his own man, and it was our time of life to learn how to be empty-nesters.

What does this have to do with Iron Man? Well, one of my fondest memories of our son’s childhood was watching the Iron Man animated (er, cartoon) show every Saturday morning. Every week, it was the Fantastic Four and then Iron Man … but, the armored super-hero was always our favorite. We had Iron Man comic books for bed-time reading. We had Iron Man action figures for every-day playing. Notice how I say we? When the first of the Iron Man movies came out in 2008, our son and I were elated. Finally, we were going to get to see the personification of our favorite comic-book hero.

I think we had this one!

I think we had this one!

Over the years, and especially now that we live in two different States, we’ve tried to make it a point to see any movie involving our “childhood” favorites together. For example, a few months ago, on one of his visits to Atlanta, we saw Daniel Craig’s James Bond in Skyfall. Last year, we went to see Iron Man in The Avengers in, of all places, Walt Disney World. It was the only time that we were going to be in the same city at the same time and while that movie was still in theaters!

Iron Man 3 hits those same theaters today, and I am very sad. Why? Not only is our son at that time of his life where he is learning to become his own man, he’s off in medical school and working 24/7 to learn how to be a doctor. We won’t be in the same city this weekend. We won’t be in the same place for quite a while. And, the next time he does drop in for a visit, there won’t be enough time for going to movies. No, my wife (my best friend), the lovely and generous Mrs. All in WDW is my movie-partner now, and this Sunday, she’ll join me for a viewing of my favorite super-hero.

Oh, he and I will see many movies again in the future, I would imagine, but, for the first time ever, this weekend, we’ll be apart. So, as I sit down and put on my 3D glasses this Sunday, I’ll try my best to choke back the emotion of missing my buddy, and remember that, together, he and I “are” Iron Man! We miss you, son.

Man Anime

I miss those Saturday cartoons!

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