Skewered by ‘Ohana!

‘Ohana has done it again!

Five months ago, the Polynesian Resort’s “meat-fest” bested quite a cast of competitors to become the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Buffet/Family Style Restaurant. Now, in our most controversial poll to date, it has been crowned “champion” one more time – our Favorite Monorail Loop Restaurant.

Is ‘Ohana the best restaurant in Walt Disney World?  I think most of us – the fans that participated in this week’s voting – would agree that …

… there are better restaurants in Mickey’s World.  Or, in Orlando, Or, in your own home town.  For example, I can tell you for a fact that our favorite restaurant of all restaurants is actually in Atlanta.

When it comes to California Grill and Victoria & Albert’s, they are undoubtedly better restaurants.  That’s why they are counted amongst Disney’s collection of Signature establishments.  And, when it comes to Kona, one of our Facebook friends said it best … “Kona is only in the final because it gets ‘Ohana’s overflow and has become the choice for those who don’t like the prices and volume of food at ‘Ohana.”  I have to admit that we, too, have fallen into that category.

But, having said all of this, how can any of us doubt that ‘Ohana is a – or thefavorite of WDW fans far-and-wide?  We can’t.  I mean, I’m sure that somewhere along the way, we’ve all tried to schedule an ADR (Advanced Dining Reservation) only to be turned away by a full house of guests.  Yes, the Poly’s flagship food-festival earns this “title” as well as the one it earned back in December.

Congratulations, ‘Ohana … you are a two-time champ!

Cheers, everyone! We’re halfway through the work week!  Yay!

Hello, Tambu!

Hello, Tambu!

Our favorite bar!

Our favorite bar!


Time for the “meat fest”!

4 thoughts on “Skewered by ‘Ohana!

  1. For years, we went to ‘Ohana every trip. Rachel loves the salad dressing and I love the wings. We usually got sub-standard service and overcooked proteins, We’d say “let’s avoid ‘Ohana for a while”. Then, when it’s time for ADRs six months later, one of us inevitably makes one for ‘Ohana.

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