Does WDW Make All Your “Wishes” Come True?

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday, I woke up to see a lackluster tie between Wishes (17) and Illuminations (17). As much as I loved the fact that my favorite WDW attraction of all – Epcot’s explosive symphony of light and music – was a contender for “the title”, I knew that we had to extend the voting by a day. After all, less than fifty of you had been afforded the chance to vote.

Well, you responded in epic fashion, and we’ve crowned a “king”. With a resounding victory, the Magic Kingdom’s medley of classic Disney songs and magnificent fireworks – Wishes – is the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Nighttime Spectacular!

Before I leave you, let me toss out a couple of my thoughts. First, Illuminations is, by far, our favorite of WDW’s fireworks extravaganzas. Mrs. All in WDW and I love to sit in the Italy pavilion, while enjoying a glass of Tutto Gusto’s wine, and ‘drinking in’ the majesty of Epcot’s “Reflections of Earth”. Not something you can do very often with a family of ‘little ones’, I know, but, as “empty nesters”, it’s one of the highlights of each and every one of our visits to “The World”.

Of course, we have fond memories of Wishes and Fantasmic as well. For example, I remember our first experience seeing Fantasmic, many years ago, when our son was young. Like a lot of parents, we bought him a whirling gizmo of glowing, colorful lights and waited for the show to start. Once it began, we thoroughly enjoyed the outstanding spectacle of Disney characters, fireworks, and water that caps each evening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Our favorite place to watch Wishes might surprise you. We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy that show several times with a view from one of our favorite restaurants – the Contemporary Resort’s California Grill! Ah, the Cali Grill. Our family has a lot of fond memories of that fabulous restaurant. We can’t wait for its impending re-opening!

In the end, all three of WDW’s nighttime spectaculars can lay claim to being the best, favorite, or most-loved, but it is Wishes that wins the day. After all, for a lot of people, WDW does make their “wishes” come true! All hail “the champ”!

More Wishes

More WDW Fireworks?

We can’t let this thing end in a tie!!  As of this morning, that’s where we stand – Wishes (17) vs. Illuminations (17).  This little battle will stay open for one more day!

So, if you haven’t voted, get over to the poll and weigh in!  Epcot, Hollywood Studios, or Magic Kingdom?  Illuminations, Fantasmic!, or Wishes?  It’s a WDW fireworks frenzy!  Vote!  What IS the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Nighttime Spectacular?

In the meantime, if you need to do some “research” and refresh your memories of these two fabulous fireworks extravaganzas, hop on over to Travel with Rick.  Rick Howard presents both “Holiday Wishes” and “Holiday Illuminations” on video.

See ya’ tomorrow … hopefully, with a winner!


Fireworks Frenzy!

IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.  Explosions of light pepper the air as a majestic symphony rings through the night!  Celebrate the spirit of humanity in Epcot.

Heroes and villains.  Dreams and nightmares.  Fire and water.  Fantasmic!  Watch Mickey Mouse defeat evil in Disney Hollywood Studios’ popular fireworks and water extravaganza!

Will your “Wishes” come true as a cast of beloved Disney characters narrate the Magic Kingdom’s nighttime spectacular?  A medley of classic Disney songs and a magnificent fireworks display bring the night to life!

Epcot, Hollywood Studios, or Magic Kingdom?  Illuminations, Fantasmic!, or Wishes?  It’s a WDW fireworks frenzy, folks, and it’s time for us to choose our favorite!

Vote!  Vote!  Vote, my friends!  It’s time to name the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Nighttime Spectacular!

More Illuminations

Move Over, Tonga Toast!

1971. Tonga Toast has been on the menu at Disney’s Polynesian Resort since 1971! Wow!

Yum! French toast stuffed with deep-fried bananas and covered with sugar and cinnamon. Double yum!

Tonga Toast

A few months ago, Disney Parks Blog posted, what they called, a “Taste of Disney” video of Chef Lawrence Searl from Disney’s Kona Cafe showing us how to make this delicious breakfast treat at home. Want the recipe?


If I can digress for a minute, if you ever get to Atlanta, think about visiting Highland Bakery. Their delicious Peanut Butter French Toast was featured on an episode of TLC’s “Best Food Ever” about “Bodacious Bakeries”. If you have Netflix, you can catch that show there.

Anyway, it’s Challah bread filled with peanut butter, dipped in batter, encrusted with bran flakes and topped with caramelized bananas.  You can see it’s a handful … or, should I say plateful?  I watched the show … it’s HUGE!

Peanut Butter French Toast

All this to say, “Move over, Tonga Toast!” Move over for Highland Bakery’s peanut butter French toast? No. Never!  Move over for … Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort’s creme brûlée French toast!

Creme Brulee French Toast

Ooooh, look at its creamy, gooey, goodness!  It’s utterly sinful!  New to the Pepper Market’s menu this year, Coronado’s creme brûlée French toast is a breakfast-and-a-half!  Served with your choice of sausage or bacon, it is worth every penny of its $8.99 price.  Billed as “cinnamon-swirl French toast in a vanilla custard creme”, it tastes absolutely fabulous!

From a portion standpoint, you might even find that this delectable morsel is perfect for sharing.  It’s tremendously rich in creme brûlée – maybe even just a little bit too rich – but, it’s insanely good!  I couldn’t leave even the smallest of crumbs on the plate!

Folks, the Polynesian’s Tonga Toast might always “rule the roost”, but if you can slip over to the Pepper Market for breakfast, you won’t be disappointed if you buy a generous helping of creme brûlée French toast!  Bon appetit!

WDW Trivia! – The Answers

Good morning, All in WDW universe!

I know it’s Monday, but let’s make the best of that fact and plow through this new week. It’ll get us five days closer to our next trip to Orlando!  Then again, I don’t know if I’m trying to convince you of this … or, myself!  Hah!  Of course, if you’re one of our many friends that are actually in “The World” right now, enjoy!!  Have some fun for me … please?

This morning, we need to close out this weekend’s trivia questions. If you recall, I mentioned that, in total, the BoardWalk Inn and Villas contain 903 rooms. 32% of us knew that the Inn contains 371 rooms and the Villas can host 532 parties of guests. I guess that “puzzle” turned out to be a bit harder than I expected.

When I published this double-dose of trivia on Saturday, I admitted that I, myself, wasn’t aware that the BoardWalk maintained concierge accommodations until I did the research for these questions. To be honest, I think it might have been news to a lot of us as only 29% of us knew that the amenities lounge is named the Innkeeper’s Club. Hey, now that I know that it’s there, I can’t wait to try it!

Have a great week, my friends, and, as always, THANK YOU for your support!

By the way, Food & Wine ’13 is only 102 days away! I can’t wait for you to see what All in WDW has in store for you as we cruise closer and closer to the best festival in The World!


BoardWalk Entry