Reader Question: “How can I get to the Dolphin?”

Isn’t it great to hear from old friends?  For instance, one of my old fantasy baseball buddies reached out to me a little over a week ago to ask me … a Walt Disney World question.  Outstanding!

I “met” Joel Henard (@JoelHenard on Twitter) back in my fledgling days as a fantasy baseball blogger.  Fantasy Baseball Trade Market. That was me.  Meanwhile, Joel had just started podcasting his new show – Hoosier Fantasy Baseball Insider.  Yes, Joel lives in Indiana.

Now, I have moved on to my ‘other’ love – Disney – and he’s moved on to bigger and better baseball-related things.  In fact, he’s been, or is, affiliated with a lot of huge names in the fantasy baseball industry – Baseball Prospectus, Baseball Daily Digest Radio, RotoInfo, Fantasy Pros 911, and Fantasy Alarm.  He’s an Indianapolis Indians (AAA baseball) media member, a host on the Armed Forces Radio Network, and a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association.  Wow!  Great work, Joel!

But, why did he reach out to little ole’ me for help?

If you follow baseball at all, you’ll know that Major League Baseball just held their annual Winter Meetings … where?  How about at the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resorts!  So, what did Joel have to ask?

“Hey, Bob!  I am headed to the MLB Winter Meetings as a camera man for Bleacher Report.  I have a room at the Dolphin for three days.  My question is … what can you tell me about transportation if I do not want to rent a car?

I need to get from the airport to the Dolphin.  Is there a bus or shuttle?  I heard that cab rides cost around $78.00.  Let me know what you can tell me about transportation for one from and to the airport.  Thanks a ton. I thought that you would be the man to ask for help!”

First of all, congratulations on all of your success, Joel!  It seems like a million years ago that you had me on your show.  Second, thanks for reaching out.  I love the fact that I can merge two of my favorite “worlds” – baseball and WDW!

What was my response to Joel’s email?

“Hi, Joel.  The best thing is always Disney’s Magical Express (free), but you’d have to be staying at a Disney resort.

The outfit that runs Magical Express is called Mears Transportation.  They offer Shared-Ride Shuttles.  Check out this link.  I ran it, and it looks like an adult round-trip is $34.  Looks like you can book it on-line too!  Thanks for thinking of me.”

Mears Shuttle

One of the things that I love about fielding reader questions is that I often learn something myself.  To be truthful, I had never visited the Mears web site before.  It was enlightening to stop by and run that rate for Joel.

On the left side, under “Shared Ride Shuttle”, click the link labeled “Book Orlando Shuttle Now”.  Fill in the “Drop-off Location” amongst all the other particulars.  You’ll find, pretty much, every Orlando hotel and resort hidden in there!  It’s that simple … and that cheap!

If you find yourself inbound to MCO in Orlando and need a lift, give Mears a try.  Hey!  They’re good enough for Disney.  Aren’t they good enough for us?

Have a great day, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Reader Question: “How can I get to the Dolphin?”

  1. That’s too funny, one of my relatives came down for the same Winter Meeting and asked me all the same questions! I guess it’s a small world at Disney… (no pun intended!)

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