More Food & Wine News? It Could Be!

As I mentioned in a previous post, tickets for Tables in Wonderland’s Epcot® International Food & Wine Festival Sneak Preview “Taste Your Way Around The World” event (to be held TOMORROW NIGHT at 6:30 PM) went on sale back on June 23rd.

Well, at the time, I also commented that, “[i]f last year was any indication, I’m sure they sold out in mere minutes!”  Imagine my surprise when I received an email from Tables, this past Tuesday, giving me one last chance to buy a seat!  You mean I still have a chance, Tables?  Wow!

Unfortunately, I still can’t take them up on their offer this year, but I surely was tempted.  I even checked airfare … but, shhh!  Don’t tell Mrs. All in WDW!

Actually, when it comes to the “World of All in WDW”, your best bet for ‘2014 Sneak Preview’ coverage is to follow some of our blogging friends.  In fact, Rick Howard of Kingdom Magic Vacations will be covering the dinner. Follow him at: @TravelwithRick!

Having said all that, what’s this “new” news I promised?  Buried within Tables in Wonderland’s invitation were a few more potential festival menu items!  Yes, we might have been tossed a glimpse at a few more 2014 Food & Wine morsels!

For example, tomorrow night’s Buffet Reception will now include:

  • Terra “CraB’less CraB Cake”, Pepper Slaw, and Cajun Remoulade featuring Gardein™
  • Puerto Rico Sweet Corn “Fritters” (Sorullitos) with Mayo Ketchup
Hmm.  Sorullitos.  Is this what you have in mind, Epcot?

Hmm. Sorullitos. Is this what you have in mind, Epcot?

And, if that’s not enough, their Plated Dinner will include a Greek course of Vegetarian Moussaka!

Three more items and confirmation that Greece will return this year?  It could very well be!

So, do you remember my “way too premature” Food & Wine ’14 menu?  I have slotted in “our” three new items! Here’s the update:

  1. Tilapia with coconut lime sauce and steamed rice
  2. Sea Scallop with spinach cheddar gratin and crispy bacon
  3. Roasted Verlasso Salmon with quinoa salad and arugula chimi churri
  4. Griddled “Yard Bird” with braised greens and house-made habanero sauce
  5. Slow Braised Beef with Puerto Rican-Grown rice
  6. Crispy Pork Belly with black beans, onions, avocado, and cilantro
  7. Crispy Fried Potato Balls stuffed with pork and beef
  8. “Bacon and Eggs” – applewood-smoked, pepper-coated bacon, sweet corn, potatoes, Hollandaise, and pickled jalapeños
  9. Pork Goulash
  10. Vegetarian Moussaka
  11. Sauerkraut Pierogi
  12. Sweet Corn “Fritters” (Sorullitos) with Mayo Ketchup
  13. Brazilian Cheese Bread
  14. Bobotie with Turkey and Mushrooms
  15. “CraB’less CraB Cake”, Pepper Slaw, and Cajun Remoulade featuring Gardein™
  16. Blackened Chick’n Breast with spicy gumbo sauce

Do you remember YOUR current pre-Festival menu?  Here’s it is:

  1. Crispy Pork Belly
  2. Crispy Fried Potato Balls
  3. Braised Beef
  4. Sea Scallop
  5. Brazilian Cheese Bread
  6. “Bacon and Eggs”
  7. Blackened Chick’n Breast
  8. Tilapia
  9. Sauerkraut Pierogi
  10. Bobotie
  11. Roasted Verlasso Salmon
  12. Griddled “Yard Bird”
  13. Pork Goulash

Tell me … where do you slot in these three “new” items?  Have a great day, my friends!

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