Hey! Where’s Santa Claus?

Yeah!  Where is Santa Claus?


I can tell you where he should be.  He should be “holding court” in Santa’s Village, of course!


My friends, the “halls” of World Showcase’s American Adventure pavilion are decked “to the nines”!

Whether it’s merchandise for sale or trees, wreaths, red ribbon, and poinsettias, it looks like a snow-less Christmas “wonderland”!





And, the centerpiece of the whole display is the most epic Christmas tree in Epcot!  How’d you like to have a mini-version of this beauty in your living room?  Outstanding!


Holiday (Disney) Cheer at … Publix?!

You have to love it when your local stores “step their Disney game up” a bit.

You know what I mean.  How many of you have found a Mickey waffle maker at CVS?  Have you seen the avalanche of Disney-related merchandise offered at Target?

Well, this little contribution to Disney holiday spirit was a bit of a surprise to us.



Do you use reusable grocery bags? We don’t use them nearly as much as we should, but these might get us to step our game up!  Way to go, Publix!


It’s an “Off Kilter” Christmas in Canada!

Canada is bursting with sound this holiday season!  And, thankfully, it’s not the painful buzz of chainsaws.

I don’t know if Epcot’s hapless lumberjacks will make their return after the holiday season has said its “Good-Byes”, but, for now, it’s really great to hear music on The Mill Stage once again.

Welcome, Canadian Holiday Voyageurs! We are SO glad to see, and hear, you!


Dining Recon: Columbia Harbour House

Hello, my friends!

This morning, I’m proud to publish yet another AUDIO All in WDW Dining Recon!  Yes, that’s right.  More AUDIO!  And, as always, the “recon” is very detailed and extremely entertaining!

Presented by our friends, Doug Davis and Dennis Conroy of the WDW Main Street podcast, here’s Columbia Harbour House!

Columbia Harbour House

Find Doug and Dennis in iTunes by searching for, and SUBSCRIBING to, “WDWMainStreet” in Podcasts.  Or, go here for a direct link to this episode.

But, back to the show!

You’ve heard of Columbia Harbour House, haven’t you?  Oh, I think you have!  After all, you’ve combined to vote it the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Magic Kingdom Quick Service two years in a row!

Bon appetit, everyone!

Oh!  And, before I forget, THANKS, Doug and Dennis!