“Food & Art” Flash Report: The Art!

You’ve seen some of the food, my friends.  Now, here’s some of the art!

Nothing more than a very small sampling, I’ll admit.  However, it’ll give you a small taste of what Epcot has on display.  Enjoy!

“Food & Art” Flash Report: Seared Red Snapper – Cuisine Classique

Like Classique’s short rib, their snapper was outstanding.

A pretty large portion, the fish was perfectly prepared.  The item’s flavors melded into a delicious symphony.

In short, if you’re a seafood fan, you should try this dish!

“Food & Art” Flash Report: Braised Short Rib – Cuisine Classique

As food booths go, Cuisine Classique turned out to be an enigma.

On Opening Day, I sauntered up to try their wares about two hours after the Food & Art festival kicked off service.

Did I get food?  Uh, no.  They weren’t quite ready, they said.  Huh?  The party started two hours ago!

Suffice it to say, I had to stop back one day later.  I can’t tell you how good of a decision that was!

Folks, their Braised Short Rib was ‘fork tender’ and fantastic!  The parsnip purée was delicious and silky smooth.

My friends, this dish is a ‘work of art’ and an absolute ‘Must Do’!  Add it to your menu!

“Food & Art” Flash Report: Chilled Shrimp with Quinoa – Refreshment Cool Post

Call it a last minute audible, but this dish quite ably subbed for Morocco’s falafel.

A beautiful presentation, it was an unexpectedly excellent item.

The shrimp were cold and fresh.  The spice of the red pepper coulis stood out without being overwhelming.  Good job!

“Food & Art” Flash Report: Flank Steak Guarache – El Arista Hambriento (The Hungry Artist)

I’m a bit surprised, but this item might end up being my favorite of Food & Art’s offerings!  Yep.  Really!

The steak was perfect.  The ingredients combined in a symphony of outstanding flavors.

Honestly, this reminded me a lot of a steak taco salad.  I can’t rave enough about the “fried dough shell”.

Very good tasting, folks.  A “must do”!