Braised Beef Short Rib Alert! Dining With The Captain!

As often as Mrs. All in WDW and I find new things to do in WDW – and we do with each and every trip – we also tend to gravitate back to family favorites.

Take the Yacht Club’s Captain’s Grille, for example.  Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we love this not-well-known and under-appreciated Table Service restaurant.


Why?  Well, for one, we can almost always get a seat!  Oh, in busy times, ADRs are still a good idea, but we often just walk right in!

Of course, there’s an even more important reason to dine at “the Captain’s table” …


Over the last few years, when asked, I have been very vocal that this spot’s Cabernet-braised Short Rib with Creamy [Sweet Corn] Risotto is my absolute favorite meal on Disney property.

The beef is “fall apart” tender.  The risotto is divine.  I have to confess … each and every time we visit the Captain, I order this meal.  If he ever took it off his menu, I’d be devastated!

Of course, the Captain has plenty of other dinner options to choose from among …


On this particular visit, for instance, Mrs. All in WDW was enticed by the restaurant’s Market Fish.  A perfectly-cooked piece of corvina over a Portuguese stew, she found it simply delicious.


My friends, I think it’s pretty obvious.  My family would highly recommend to your family that you visit the Captain.  Add him to your future list of ADRs.

In fact, follow this plan … start your experience with another of my all-time favorites – a Disney Habanero Lime Margarita.


Then, finish with the most delicious, fork-tender piece of braised beef you’ll ever eat.  You won’t be sorry!  Bon appetit, my friends.  I’ll se ya’ tomorrow!

Photo “Tour”: Crescent Lake!

“There’s no such thing as too many pictures of Crescent Lake!”  “Like I said … can’t get enough pics of Crescent Lake!”

I made those very same two comments about a month ago on Facebook and, in return, I received feedback like, “I agree.  I love this area!”  I also heard, “Me either.  It’s breathtaking!”

Well, in the spirit of my original statements, allow me to drop an “avalanche” of shots on you this fine morning.  My friends, please enjoy a look at the “world” of Crescent Lake!

File Jan 29, 9 51 47 AM

File Jan 29, 9 52 04 AM

File Jan 29, 9 48 28 AM

File Jan 29, 9 53 21 AM

File Jan 29, 9 52 48 AM

File Jan 29, 9 50 36 AM

File Jan 29, 9 50 12 AM

File Jan 29, 9 52 18 AM

File Jan 29, 12 18 43 PM

File Jan 29, 12 16 22 PM

File Jan 29, 12 17 42 PM

File Jan 29, 12 16 02 PM

File Jan 29, 12 14 39 PM

File Jan 29, 12 14 00 PM

File Jan 29, 12 13 15 PM

File Jan 29, 12 07 28 PM

File Jan 29, 12 06 51 PM

File Jan 29, 12 04 53 PM

File Jan 29, 12 06 07 PM

File Jan 29, 12 15 35 PM

File Jan 29, 12 15 04 PM

File Jan 29, 12 03 41 PM

File Jan 29, 9 53 54 AM

At Crescent Lake? Go Boating From The Bayside!

When it comes to outdoor sporting and recreational activities, Walt Disney World is loaded with options.  In fact, in reality, there are probably more opportunities for fun than most Guests will ever be able to imagine!

Oh, you can find the more ordinary of activities, of course.  Swimming in one of Disney’s fantastically-themed pools, for instance.  Most resorts own tennis courts.  You can even find places to play basketball or volleyball!

Then, there’s golfing, of course (pun intended).  Several locations provide a chance to fish.  Fort Wilderness hosts the ability to engage in archery, canoeing, and kayaking.  You can go running and walking, most anywhere!

Plus, if you want to, you can even get a bit more extreme!  At Sammy Duvall’s Watersports Centre at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, you can reserve an opportunity to go parasailing, tubing, wake boarding, or water skiing.

For today, however, we’re going to keep it on the “tame” side.  Just outside Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, and right on Crescent Lake, you’ll find Bayside Marina.



Have you ever wanted to “captain” a powerboat across Crescent Lake?  Then, Bayside is your spot.  Look at the multitudes of watercraft!




Of course, this great opportunity comes at a bit of a price.  Starting at $32, there are a number of options to choose from among.  From Sea Ray to Boston Whaler, from 30 minutes to 4 hours, from treasure hunts to fishing excursions, they have it!



Of course, they also rent bikes for a more nominal $9 to $18 fee.


A bit of a cost on all of these, my friends, but, oh, so much fun!

How about you?  What outdoor sporting and recreational activities do you engage in on every trip to The World?  Which one of the above activities do you long to try?  Have you ever rented a watercraft?

Let us know your feedback!  We’d love to hear it!

Take Another “Cruise” on Crescent Lake!

Good morning, folks!  Happy Friday!  Today, we take another “cruise” on (or should I say, ‘away from’) Cresent Lake!

I’ve said it before … we just love Disney transportation.  Whether it’s a bus, a monorail, or a boat, count us in!  Plus, all three “vehicles” make for good photo opportunities!

In today’s case, we’re “sailing” away from Crescent Lake!  All aboard!  We’re shoving off!  It’s time to visit Hollywood Studios!








Catch a Glimpse of Hollywood!

You know me … I just can’t resist trying to catch unique shots of anything Walt Disney World!  For example, on a recent walk from Disney’s BoardWalk, I couldn’t pass on snapping this glimpse of Hollywood Studios.

Glimpse of Hollywood

The Tower of Terror, the channel from Crescent Lake, a Friendship boat, the Studios’ Christmas tree?  See it?  Off to the left next to the Sorcerer’s Hat?  No?  Click on the picture and “blow it up”!  You’ll see …

DHS Tree

… one of the best decorated and themed trees in Walt Disney World!  I just love the movie-frame border along the base.  Don’t you?