Reader Memories: Disney’s River Country

Remember our River Country trivia question a few weeks back?  If you missed it, take a look here.

I was really excited to delve into the topic of “retired” attractions because I’m always interested in learning more about WDW.  Aren’t you?

For instance, attractions like River Country – well, and all the other water parks, actually – are mysteries to me.  We’re just not “water park people”.

Having said that, imagine my surprise when one of our friends – or should I say a member of the All in WDW family – passed along some of his thoughts and pictures!

I welcome you to follow along as Tim Peters take us through some of his memories of Disney’s River Country!


Hi, Bob.  We rented a boat back in August at Wilderness Lodge and took these pictures of River Country.  Such a fun place!


I remember one time watching Goofy going down a water slide.  I kept wondering how the costume didn’t get ruined!

One section of the bottom was like a pool.  The other section, closer to Bay Lake, was sand.  It almost felt like you were in the lake.  The rope swings and bridges were fantastic.

It was so well-themed.  There wasn’t a huge water slide or water coaster, but I always preferred it over Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach.  I wish my girls could have experienced it.

There is also this tree right by where the retired boat captains hung their shoes to rest forever.  See them at the bottom-right?


I remember when it first closed that there were lots of rumors that it was going to turn into a pool facility for Ft. Wilderness, but obviously didn’t happen.

There was something online recently saying that something was going to happen with the space, but you know Disney rumors!

If you want to see more, then there is also one of my favorite videos.  Find it here!