Today’s the Big Epcot Counter Service SEMI-FINAL! Round 3! VOTE!

I got comments yesterday that the choices had already gotten too difficult.  I can’t imagine what I’m going to hear today!

With only eight Counter Services, and two groupings, left, tough choices are the only thing you’re going to find around here!

School Bread

I was talking about School Bread with a couple of friends last night. How appropriate that Kringla made the Semi-Final!

I’m sorry the actual writing has been very short and to the point this week, my friends.  Work has been busy … with month-end and all.

The good news is it takes your focus off of reading and places it on the voting.  Where it should be!

And, where it has been!  Great support in the first two rounds, everyone!  I feel like we’re getting …

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Vote! Select YOUR Favorite Epcot Counter Services! Round 2!

Good morning!  Welcome to OUR Epcot “Sweet Sixteen” spots to secure a quick and counter service meal!

Mmm.  Love those Fish 'n Chips!

Mmm. Love those Fish ‘n Chips!

Thanks for all the votes yesterday, my friends!  Not many surprises.  Although, the three-way dogfight between Refreshment Port, Electric Umbrella, and Kabuki Cafe was fun to watch.  77 votes counted!  Call it a …

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Quick! Vote! It’s the Epcot Counter Services! Round 1!

Before All in WDW gets buried under Food & Wine frivolity – if you were here here last year, you know it will! – I’d like to go back and dine on more standard fare.

Frankly, I’m still way behind on Readers’ Favorites polls, and it’s high time we revisited Epcot!  From pretzels and beer to fish ‘n chips, what’s your favorite Epcot Quick Service?  Now’s your chance to VOTE!

Refreshment Port

It is the same routine as always, my friends.  Vote!  Vote!  Vote!  Bring your friends!  The more the merrier.  It’s time to re-elect the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Epcot Quick Service Restaurant!

Vote for ONE!  The Top 2 in each group will move on to Round 2!

Let the “Sun-Shine” in!

Yes, let the “Sun-Shine” in … into the world of  “All in WDW” and onto our “Reader’s List of Favorites”.  Was there ever a doubt?

I mentioned it yesterday.  Location.  Location.  Location.  Masses of people run in and out of The Land pavilion on a daily basis.  When you add in the fact that Sunshine Seasons boasts one of the most impressive varieties of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options in WDW, it becomes apparent.  This popular eatery was as close to a “shoe-in” as you can get.  A resounding victory in this “tourney” suggests that you agree.

Meanwhile, the …

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Still Eating Epcot – The Finale

We’re almost there, my friends!  Only one more day of voting, so don’t let the beginning of the work-week distract you.  You know you want your Monday Disney “fix”, so vote, vote, vote!  Tell your friends!

I have to admit … I expected 3/4 of this Final Four from the beginning.  Maybe you did as well.  For instance, in pretty much every quick service-related conversation you hear, Sunshine Seasons heads quickly to the top of, pretty much, everyone’s list.  And, look at it this way … where does everyone go as soon as Epcot opens?  Yes, The Land pavilion.  Whether it’s before or after riding Soarin’ – or while you’re waiting for a FastPass to go live – Sunshine Seasons is a prime area to wait, rest, and have breakfast or lunch.  It is right in the most trafficked zone of the park!  Plus, we haven’t even mentioned its biggest strength – a massive variety of …

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