What a “Mystic” Question!

Did you take a shot at yesterday’s trivia?

I know we don’t often venture off Walt Disney World’s property, but one of the things I have wanted to do for a long time now is to sprinkle a taste of Disney’s other parks into our ‘diets’.  Why?  To educate myself as well as you, to be honest.

Anyway, back to yesterday … if your answer was “Mystic Manor”, then you were right on target!  For those of you who did, you must already know a little bit about Hong Kong Disneyland!  Congratulations!

Mystic Manor

“Mystic Manor is a dark ride attraction in the Mystic Point section of Hong Kong Disneyland.”  It “… tells the story of Lord Henry Mystic and his monkey Albert. Having recently acquired an enchanted music box, Albert opens the box and brings everything inside the house to life.”  So says Wikipedia!

Mystic Manor was opened a little less than a year ago, on May 17, 2013, and “… has no ghosts like the other mansions.”  Why is this, you ask?  It is a courtesy to the “… different views on death and spirits in Chinese culture.”

It’s already well-acclaimed as, “[i]n November 2013, Mystic Manor received the Award for Outstanding Achievement – Attraction from the Themed Entertainment Association.  Wow!

See you tomorrow, my friends!  Thanks for playing trivia!