WDW “Rabbit” Trivia!

Uh, oh! Roger Rabbit isn’t done with us quite yet! So, puh-puh-puh-puhlease! Answer this question!

Roger Rabbit was featured in a series of cartoon shorts following the popularity of the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. These shorts were presented in front of various Disney/Touchstone features in an attempt to revive short subject animation as a part of the movie-going experience.

Which one of these WAS NOT one of those shorts?

Oh, by the way, did you get a chance to listen to Lou Mongello’s podcast?  Do you know “Who “Ended” Roger Rabbit?”  Well, let’s just say that, when push came to shove, Disney’s CEO Michael Eisner and …

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Who “Ended” Roger Rabbit?

June 21, 1988. A day that lives in rabbit “infamy”!  Quite simply, a few days ago, the most under-appreciated rabbit in animation history turned 25 years old. Well, as far as movie releases go, that is.

Like I explained in my Iron Man post a few weeks ago, one of my fondest memories of our son’s childhood was watching the Iron Man animated show every Saturday morning. Another of my favorite memories was us watching “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” together. “We” even had Roger’s game for the original Nintendo gaming system. We played that game until it wouldn’t work anymore! How could you not love Roger?

In fact, how does a rabbit who pulled in literally dozens of awards and award nominations fade into virtual invisibility? I mean, really! According to Wikipedia, “Roger” is the first (and so far, only) animated/live action film to win four Academy Awards and the first animated film to win multiple Academy Awards since Mary Poppins in 1964. Yet, Roger …

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