The Excellence of Epcot! – Reflections of Earth


Last night, as I watched a “triple dead-heat” building, I posted a message to the Liners Facebook group. I said that the voting was so close when we elected our Favorite Disney’s Animal Kingdom Attraction, that I sat there re-freshing my web site over and over again until I finally saw the last vote cast – the vote that decided the winner.

This vote was epic!  Absolutely epic!  Epic Epcot!  We should have expected this to be a war. Throughout the day yesterday, as I watched the competition tightening, I decided to “sleep on it” and close the vote this morning.  I have to admit that I was terrified of a “triple-tie”, but you guys came through and didn’t disappoint me.  We have a …

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The Excellence of Epcot! – The Grand Finale

What a week, so far!  Three rounds, and here we are.  The cream always rises to the top!

We’ve had a lot of new people join our community in the last month or so, so let’s do a quick “re-set”, OK?  In December, we “elected” our Favorite Disney’s Hollywood Studios Attraction by placing “The Twilight Zone” at the top of the “Tower” … “of Terror”, that is.  Finishing in second place in that vote was my personal favorite – the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith.  Out of 116 votes, Tower bested Roller by a tally of 45 to 33.  To see a full re-cap, click here.

A week or so later, we charged into …

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The Excellence of Epcot! – Round 3

Wow!  I mean, just wow!!  Your response and participation in Round 2 of our crusade to elect All in WDW’s Favorite Epcot Attraction was nothing short of PHENOMENAL!  Just phenomenal!

Prior to yesterday, All in WDW’s all-time record for page views in a day was 498.  The record now stands at …

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The Excellence of Epcot! – Round 2

Wow!  We covered a lot of ground in Round 1 – 300 acres, to be exact – since we spanned the entirety of Epcot.

Some observations … yay, Spaceship Earth!  It’s the big winner after garnering 87.04% of the vote in its group.  A trip to WDW just isn’t complete until you smell Rome burning, is it?  Close behind, with 80% of the vote in its group, was Soarin’.

The weakest attraction to make it to Round 2 was …

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The Excellence of Epcot! – Round 1

Yes, excellent!!  Maybe that’s just my opinion, but Epcot is our favorite park.  As such, I have been waiting to run this poll for months!

This one is huge, folks!  There’s just so much to do in EPCOT Center – the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.  In fact, with a little more effort, I’m pretty sure I could …

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