“Food & Art” Flash Report: The Art!

You’ve seen some of the food, my friends.  Now, here’s some of the art!

Nothing more than a very small sampling, I’ll admit.  However, it’ll give you a small taste of what Epcot has on display.  Enjoy!

“Food & Art” Flash Report: Seared Red Snapper – Cuisine Classique

Like Classique’s short rib, their snapper was outstanding.

A pretty large portion, the fish was perfectly prepared.  The item’s flavors melded into a delicious symphony.

In short, if you’re a seafood fan, you should try this dish!

“Food & Art” Flash Report: Braised Short Rib – Cuisine Classique

As food booths go, Cuisine Classique turned out to be an enigma.

On Opening Day, I sauntered up to try their wares about two hours after the Food & Art festival kicked off service.

Did I get food?  Uh, no.  They weren’t quite ready, they said.  Huh?  The party started two hours ago!

Suffice it to say, I had to stop back one day later.  I can’t tell you how good of a decision that was!

Folks, their Braised Short Rib was ‘fork tender’ and fantastic!  The parsnip purée was delicious and silky smooth.

My friends, this dish is a ‘work of art’ and an absolute ‘Must Do’!  Add it to your menu!

It’s “Prime Time” for Table Services, Folks!

Well, I knew that our four finalists were evenly matched, my friends, but I never expected what happened yesterday.

50’s Prime Time ran off to an early, and big, lead.  It never looked back!

Well, actually, it did.  It had to.  Be Our Guest was chasing it with the intensity of a hungry wolverine!

Nevertheless, 50’s held off the Magic Kingdom champion and locked down the WDW title!


A plate of “Prime Time” chicken as displayed on Disney’s site!

One of our readers summed up this unexpected victory best by saying, “Imagine that. A half-day Park with the #1 rated WDW restaurant!”

Pat Jeanetti of the Mickey Dudes Podcast added, “50’s has it all!  Great food, cast, and prices.”  He cheered Prime Time on all week.

In the end, you, the fans have spoken …

50’s Prime Time?  You are the WDW Fans’ Favorite WDW Parks Table Service Restaurant!  Congratulations to the “champ”!

“Food & Art” Flash Report: Chilled Shrimp with Quinoa – Refreshment Cool Post

Call it a last minute audible, but this dish quite ably subbed for Morocco’s falafel.

A beautiful presentation, it was an unexpectedly excellent item.

The shrimp were cold and fresh.  The spice of the red pepper coulis stood out without being overwhelming.  Good job!