Battle of Hollywood Studios “Titans”? VOTE in the Grand Finale!

I’ll say one thing to kick off today’s final day of voting … I really admire our consistency.  As I said yesterday, the “cream” does rise to the top!

What do I mean?  Well, this is the 5th running of this particular tournament, and, with one exception, our historical “Fabulous Four” returns intact.

My friends, for the first time ever, Fantasmic! has missed its chance at the “championship”!  What?!

Sorcerer Mickey

For four years, Hollywood’s fireworks “party” held off Star Tours – The Adventures Continue.  This year, the empire left Mickey and his friends in the dust.

So … how is today’s finale going to work?  You have to make ONE last choice.  Yes, my friends.  ONE.

Which one of these attractions do you think is worthy of the title – WDW Fans’ Favorite Hollywood Studios Attraction?  Now.  Are you ready?  VOTE!

Hollywood Strikes Back! VOTE in Round 2! What’re YOUR Favorite Hollywood Studios Attractions?

Take that, Emperor Palpatine!  Bow down to Hollywood, First Order!  You’re finished!  Well, almost, I guess.

Which Star Wars attraction survived yesterday’s 1st Round?  No big surprise.  It’s a bit of a Studios icon – Star Tours – The Adventures Continue!

Having said that, where does it leave us today?  Folks, we’ve created an “exceptional” eight – inclusive of seven “citizens” of Hollywood and one Imperial “star-cruiser”!


Like yesterday, your task today is to VOTE for your TWO favorites in each group.  FOUR votes in total, this round!

No “easy” choices today, my friends.  If you listened to …

WDW Main Street – Episode #333 – Seeding the Hollywood Studios Attractions Poll!

… you’ll know that these attractions were our eight top-seeded Hollywood Studios options.  The “cream” does rise to the top!

Go ahead, everyone!  VOTE for TWO in each group.  The Top 2 in each group will meet up tomorrow in our “star-studded” finale!  VOTE!

Hollywood “versus” the Empire? VOTE for YOUR Favorite Hollywood Studios Attractions!

Good Friday, my friends!  My expectations before I started compiling options for this week’s “tournament” were that Hollywood Studios had little left to offer a Favorite Attraction poll.

Then, I consulted the Walt Disney World website.  To my surprise, I found 20 attraction and entertainment options to include in today’s 1st Round!  20!

However, as I looked closer, I discovered that 7 of those were Star Wars-related!  Nearly half?  This left me to wonder … has “Star Wars Land” opened already?  How did I miss that memo?

When it comes to those “Magnificent 7”, with the exception of a few, I really feel like I need a guidebook!  What are they?  Hmm.  Of course, we all know Star Tours – The Adventures Continue.


Star Wars Launch Bay has been around for a while now.  Been there – done that.  We’ve all seen plenty of videos of March of the First Order.

Finally, Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular can even be heard from my Coronado seat at Laguna Bar!  Wow!  Star Wars has taken over the Studios!

So, the question, today, is … will it also take over our Hollywood Studios Favorite Attractions poll?  Well, we’ll have to VOTE to see!

Below, I present you with FOUR groups of FIVE attractions and entertainment options.  Your job is to VOTE for your favorite TWO attractions in each group!

That’s right, folks.  You get to cast a total of EIGHT votes today!  Which of these Hollywood icons – or Imperial infiltrators – will reign supreme?  Let’s find out!

WDW Main Street – Episode #333 – Seeding the Hollywood Studios Attractions Poll!

Join Doug and Dennis as they chat about our upcoming Hollywood Studios “favorite” attraction poll.

What attraction will we seed at #1?  Pull up a stool, grab a cold one, and enjoy the show!

The 1st Round drops tomorrow, folks!  Stay tuned!  Until then, listen to …

WDW Main Street – Episode #333 – Seeding the Hollywood Studios Attractions Poll!

A lost icon ...

A lost icon …

The WDW Fans’ Favorite Magic Kingdom “Land”!

Good morning, folks!  We talked about it on the WDW Main Street Podcast on Sunday, but the results are, now, final!

Your Favorite Magic Kingdom “Land” is – drum roll please – Tomorrowland!

Photo Jan 30, 11 02 14 AM

It was, by no means, unanimous, my friends.  Frontierland, Fantasyland, and Adventureland all laid claims to the “title”!

We’re consistent, I’ll say that much!  Back in 2013, I asked you to make the same choice.  It was the same result!

Of course, it leads me to ask … why Tomorrowland?  Is it Space Mountain?  TTA?  Buzz Lightyear?  Uh, Stitch?

For me, by comparison, the other lands have much more to offer.  Take Adventureland, for instance.  Pirates.  Jungle Cruise.  Frontierland boasts Big Thunder and Splash.

Fantasyland is relatively newly expanded and delivers Seven Dwarfs, Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Be Our Guest Restaurant, and a host of other attractions!

So, I’m interested to hear your comments.  Why Tomorrowland?

I think we’d all agree that it is the Magic Kingdom “land” in most need of a refurb.  Yet, it seems to consistently be “all that”!

Leave us your comments @itsallinwdw on Twitter or on Facebook.  We’d love to know!