Recommended YouTube Live Streams and Schedule!

If listening to our podcast doesn’t quite fill the Disney void, then please check out these phenomenal YouTube live streams!  Remember … subscribe to their channels and click their notification bells.  They often hit us with surprise steams.  You don’t want to miss even one!  Click their logos to visit their channels!

Otherwise, on, more or less, a regular schedule, you’ll find:

Josh and Jenna of ResortTV1 every Friday night!  They’ve even appeared on the WDW Main Street Podcast!

Most every Saturday and Sunday, Walt and Melissa of Mouse Talk are strolling around in Walt Disney World.  Spend the weekend with them!

On Monday, Robert and Alyssa star in Here With The Ears.  They have a fantastic story.  They lived in Disney for a year!  That’s right.  They lived in WDW resorts for an entire year.  I wish!

Thursday nights are home to Cory Meets World featuring – you guessed it – Cory!  What is he usually up to?  Rides.  Food.  Friendly banter.  Food.  Fun and frivolity.  Food.  You get the idea!

If that doesn’t fill your weeks, then subscribe to Nick of MagicalNewsLIVE!  He pops up pretty much anytime during the week to treat us with a quick stroll through WDW’s parks and resorts!

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