The Fab Six?

I’ve been wanting to do this poll for quite a while now, but let’s go for double the fun on this one, my friends!

We all know who makes up Disney’s so-called “Fab Five” – Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto.  What if you were asked to add the sixth character to the bunch?!

Let me present you with two tasks.  First, respond to …

… the poll and help us “crown” our Favorite “Fab Five” Character.  Then, leave a comment on the post naming who you would nominate as this esteemed group’s sixth member.  At the top or bottom of the post look for a link that allows you to enter a comment and click!

I’ll start … my favorite character is Pluto!  Always has been.  And, I would dig really deep to select an under-appreciated, often-forgotten character to round out our “Fab Six” – Roger Rabbit!  I love his flicks!

Mickey and Minnie

8 thoughts on “The Fab Six?

  1. Via Reddit: Goofy easily, but I don’t think Roger Rabbit deserves to be in the discussion really (one movie is his real claim to fame, even though its a great movie). As for a new member, I think it would have to a character who had a presence in the original cartoons and thereafter. In my mind it comes down to Daisy Duck or Chip and Dale as a joint entry. I was never a fan of Daisy but she is Donald’s female half; my personal vote would be for Chip and Dale. Reason being, they were in the old cartoons and had their own show later. Maybe even Scrooge but he came along time after.

  2. Via Reddit: Technically, yes. The Fab Five currently consists of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto. I’d say in favour of a seventh, bring Oswald in, then Ortensia as they’re classics.

  3. Via Reddit: I was almost going to say Oswald, but then I thought better of it. While similar to Mickey, he predates him, and was never part of the gang. I think if you made him part now, it would be rather forced and it would take away some of what makes Oswald special & unique. Honestly, I can’t think of a single character I’d want to see added to the five. The most obvious would be Daisy, but she’s always seemed a bit bland to me.

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