Tips and Tricks – #7

Mrs. All in WDW and I made an impromptu visit to The World in early January, and, while we were there, we got the opportunity to meet one of my Touring Plans ‘Lines chat’ friends, @pod4christ, and his lovely family. While we chatted, they spilled a tip that I thought was quite clever. In fact, once they passed this little nugget along to me, I was shocked I hadn’t thought of it myself.

One of the things that absolutely frustrates me to no end is to stand at a park and wait forever for a bus back to my resort. We joke – my family and I – because it always seems that a dozen Port Orleans buses come past before one for our particular resort decides to show up. Anyway, how can you “cheat the system” a bit?

According to @pod, if you’re staying at Pop Century, as he and his family were, double your chances of getting back to the resort quicker by hopping on an Art of Animation bus … if it happens to arrive first, that is. It’s a five-minute walk to cross through AoA and cross over the Generation Gap bridge to POP. You’ll be back home quicker, and you won’t be standing at Epcot looking at lucky guests piling onto a bus back to French Quarter.


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