Coming Soon to Disney Springs … The “Split-Second” Pizza!

What?!  A “split-second” pizza?  What’re you talkin’ about, Bob!

Well, my friends, Blaze Pizza is about to hit Disney Springs.  Soon, Guests will be able to build their own “Fast-Fire’d Custom-Built Artisanal Pizzas”!



Yes, folks!  Design your own pizza.  It’ll be ready to eat in … 180 seconds!  OK.  So, that’s not exactly a “split second”.  Three minutes is pretty darn fast, though.

So, what is this Blaze Pizza all about?  Fortunately, Mrs. All in WDW and I recently ran across one in Bowling Green, Kentucky.


Imagine Blaze as the Chipotle or Subway of pizza.  What an organized operation!  Great teamwork, let me tell you.  Take a look!







When ordering, you have a couple of ways you can go … you can Build Your Own Pizza.


Or, you can order off their menu of already-designed Signature Pizzas.


Whatever you do, it’ll be delicious.  We were really impressed.  In fact, Mrs. All in WDW raved about the quality of our “pie”.

We went veggie.  Black olives, green pepper, onion, banana peppers, tomatoes … all on a bed of mozzarella and spicy red sauce.  Check it out!



Folks, we can’t wait to see Blaze Pizza open up in Disney Springs.  Based on our first-hand experience, we’re sure it will be yet another great addition to Walt Disney World’s ever-growing list of culinary options!

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