Disney Springs Mania? It’s an Earl of Sandwich Obsession!

My friends, I think I’ve become obsessed with Earl of Sandwich.  It’s amazing, to me at least, since I’ve never considered myself a fan of hot sub sandwiches.

Yet, as I’ve written already, I’m enjoying the fact that The Earl has moved into the mall across the street from our apartment in Atlanta.  Re-visit that photo explosion!

One of their perks, as I’ve discovered, is the Earl of Sandwich Royalty Club – aka their loyalty club.  If you’re a fan of Earl’s, you should join.  Click here!

You earn points for everything you buy – for example, 5 points for every sandwich and 1 point for every side.  Pile up 50 points?  $5 off a future purchase!  Great deal!

Even better?  Just for joining the club, they grant you a $5 gift!  There’s your “Disney tip for the day”, folks.  Download their smartphone app.  Join!  $5 free!  Yahoo!

Sadly, the shop in Atlanta isn’t set up on this system as yet, but that didn’t discourage me from grabbing my $5.  Why?  Well, it is $5.

Actually, I knew that I’d be able to take advantage of The Earl’s gift on our trip to Orlando a week or so ago.  You’ve dropped by to visit the shop in Disney Springs, haven’t you?






We grabbed a free (almost) – thanks to my $5 gift – breakfast in Disney Springs!  I chose the Bacon, Egg ‘N’ Cheddar.

Mrs. All in WDW tried a bite or two and found it to be “Just OK”.  I, on the other hand, felt it was very good.



Of course, I would!  After all, I’ve become obsessed with the Earl of Sandwich!  Hey!  There are worse things to fixate on, right?

Earl of Sandwich.  If you’re not already, become a fan!  And, royalty?  Yeah!  Join the Royalty Club, everyone!  It’s free money!

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