Dining Recon: The BOATHOUSE … Great Food, Waterfront Dining, and Dream Boats!

One of the things I truly love about Disney Dining as a topic is that, no matter what particular venue or menu item is under discussion, anyone can have a different opinion.

It makes for great conversation, that’s for sure.  Take The BOATHOUSE, for example. If you ask my colleague – Dennis Conroy – or myself, we love it!  Very highly recommend it!

However, our partner – John Peters?  Not as much.  The same goes for Sanaa, by the way, but that’s another story.

Look, everyone carries different expectations into any dining encounter.  One bad – or less than anticipated – experience can sour an opinion forever.  My advice?  Always give the dish or restaurant a 2nd chance.

Anyway, mainly disappointed in The BOATHOUSE’s service and quite unimpressed by their stuffed lobster, John was dissatisfied by his recent visit.  It breaks my heart.

Any good meal needs to start with bread, and …


For example, of the duo of Oysters on the Half Shell that John ordered, their server was unable to describe which was which …

Fortunately, when it came to entrees, Mrs. Peters loved her Filet Mignon.  One of the best on property, she claimed!

Sadly, John found the restaurant’s Baked Crab Stuffed Lobster (a dish that Dennis raves about, by the way) to be quite disappointing …

Again.  Differing opinions, right?  The morale of the story?  Someone else’s favorite might not end up being yours.  And, yours might not end up being theirs!

In other words, my friends, just because I (or the WDW Main Street crew) might like or dislike an establishment, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a chance, yourself, in order to form your own opinions.

Hey!  Who knows?  You might be able to turn our opinions around!  Dennis and I have been trying to turn John’s BOATHOUSE opinion around for months!

Bon appetit, folks!  Oh!  Head’s up.  Poll coming tomorrow!

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