The (Best?) Most Enticing New Restaurant in Disney Springs is …

Good morning, folks!  Our poll has concluded, and we have a “victor” … of sorts.

Let me remind you … a few days ago, I asked, “Of the Table Services newly available in Disney Springs, which is your favorite – or, which are you looking forward to the most?”

Well, my friends, the two most overwhelmingly popular responses were Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ and The BOATHOUSE.  In actuality, though, Boathouse won by a scant one vote!

So, why do I say, “… a ‘victor’ of sorts”?  We’ve received mixed results, as far as I’m concerned.  How so?  The feedback and commentary I’ve received doesn’t match up with the final tally!

Look, I’ve been very vocal that Mrs. All in WDW and I really enjoy Boathouse’s Dockside Bar.  The views are great!

The restaurant’s theme, itself – especially its multitude of vintage boats – is phenomenal!

Our favorite dish – their delicious Firecracker Shrimp – is just the right amount of ‘fire-y’ heat.  It always delivers a great taste!

Hey, I even went so far as to declare The BOATHOUSE as WDW’s 2015 “Restaurant of the Year”!

Having said that, they’ve disappointed me.  Although some were complimentary (there was a fair amount of love shown for their “whiskey cornbread cake”), most comments went like this …

Agreeing with John Peters’ view, “We were also unimpressed by the stuffed lobster.”

“Good food but stuck up staff.  We asked about Tables in Wonderland, and … the staff told us they were not doing Tables because they are the best restaurant on property and don’t need to.”

“Glad to see someone else had issues with staff here.  We had a waiter who barely did anything for us and answered our questions in monotone while looking at other things around the restaurant.

I only saw him when he took our orders, dropped off our food, and then when he left the check.  He never came around to ask how the food was or to refill our drinks.

The food was ‘meh’ for us, so overall I just was not impressed at all.”

“Similar experience here.  While the food was great, the service was mediocre at best.”

That didn’t even cover it all, folks!  Wow!  What a disconnect between opinions and vote totals!

For us, Boathouse still resides near the top of the list as one of our favorite Disney places to dine.  From John’s dissatisfaction through that of others, however … well, that’s hard to ignore.

We’ll keep dropping back in for a few nice, cold beers and a plate of spicy shrimp, but hopefully The BOATHOUSE is hearing the voice of the “fans”.

You bill yourself as, “Great Food, Waterfront Dining, and Dream Boats!”, Boathouse.  Please add “Phenomenal Service” to your ‘mission statement’.  You’re too good for anything less!

4 thoughts on “The (Best?) Most Enticing New Restaurant in Disney Springs is …

  1. I totally disagree with most of the comments in the article! The BoatHouse is an amazing restaurant! Myself, a New England boy found the Crab stuffed Lobster phenonomal! The Firecraker shrimp as an apppetizer was delectable!

    Let the votes speak for themself, The BoatHouse is the most enticing new resturaunt in Disney Springs! The voters say so!

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