Check THIS Out, Folks! It’s Doug’s BIG “Victory”!

Hello, my folks!  My friend, Doug Davis, has a very special report for us today.  What is it, you ask?

Well, take a look back at the post John Peters wrote a week or so back – Head Over to Animal Kingdom’s Dawa Bar!

In it, you’ll learn that John’s most-recent ‘WDW beer-of-the-month’ was Victory Brewing Company’s Golden Monkey.

​That post must have really made an impact on Doug.  At first opportunity, he and his wonderful wife made a field trip straight to Victory’s brewpub!

Here are a few pictures and comments commemorating that visit.  The beer looks cold and refreshing.  The food looks delicious.  Take it away, Doug!


Located in Downington, PA, Victory was a short jaunt for us – only 1 1/2 hours or so away.  The building, signage, and interior looks great!

Of course, I was there to sample the beer that John had raved about.  The flight I had was The Flagship.  All pretty strong stuff!

When it came to food, for $11, Mrs. Main Street and I shared the Short Rib Fries.

14-hour braised short rib, fresh fries, white cheddar bechamel.  Wow!  The rib meat melted in your mouth.  It was incredible!

For entrees, Mrs. Main Street had the $12 Kale Salad.

The salad included kale, sliced apple, pecans, red onion, candied bacon, and freshly-shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano.  The bacon was especially awesome!

At $12, I had the Brewery Burger, and it … was … perfect!

A great brewery, and a great time, in or out of Disney’s parks, we hope to see more of Victory very soon.

Don’t believe me?  Then, listen to my “live” accounting of our visit on this past Sunday’s show!  Catch it at …

WDW Main Street – Episode #349 – Our Weekly News!

WDW Main Street – Episode #349 – Our Weekly News!

Good morning, folks!  Hey, I might be a day late and a dollar short, but this is still worth catching!  On our latest episode, Doug, Dennis, and John discuss some of the Easter activities that WDW offered this year.

On top of that, as always, they cover this week’s news from around “The World”.  Oh, and as a special bonus, Doug reviews a recent visit he made to Victory Brewing Company.  So, step into the pub and listen to …

WDW Main Street – Episode #349 – Our Weekly News!

What’s YOUR Favorite WDW Nighttime Spectacular?! [Polls]

My thanks go out to John Peters for his two great posts – published yesterday and the day before.  With …

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is Brightened by Rivers of Light! – and – Want Your Own Piece of Rivers of Light? Here’s Some “Merch”!

… he’s inspired me to ask you a few quick questions.  What questions, you ask?  Well, what is your Favorite WDW Nighttime Spectacular?

The “landscape” is changing, isn’t it, folks?  For example, as John pointed out, Wishes nighttime spectacular ends in a few short weeks – on May 11th.

In its place, starting May 12th, the Magic Kingdom will present the Happily Ever After nighttime spectacular.

What in “The World” is that, you wonder?  Described by Disney Parks Blog, it will … “inspire guests to seek out and find their own ‘Happily Ever After’ by showcasing some of the greatest adventures Disney characters have taken to achieve their dreams.

The show will feature the latest fireworks and pyrotechnics and original animation, plus a heart-tugging original score.”  Also, “more Disney characters than ever before will be featured in the show.”

In addition, it will include “moments from Moana, Brave, Big Hero 6, Zootopia, The Princess & The Frog, Aladdin and many others.”

Wow!  Sounds great, eh?  Well, I guess we’ll have to wait until May 12th to see.  Hey!  Maybe if we’re lucky, John will pop in on Opening Night to give us a live report!

In the meantime, I’d like you to answer me this … of the FIVE attractions that John listed in yesterday’s post, what is your favorite?


Now, let me complicate things a bit.  You’ve read the description above.  What is your favorite when I replace Wishes with Happily Ever After?

Three new attractions.  Two old favorites.  Which will win?  One of the shiny, new, exciting “newbies”?  A beloved, traditional “gem”?  Let’s see!

Want Your Own Piece of Rivers of Light? Here’s Some “Merch”!

By John Peters

We’re big fans of Walt Disney World’s nighttime extravaganzas.  Fantasmic!  Wishes nighttime spectacular – ending May 11th, by the way.  Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular.  Especially, IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth!

Based on the popularity of these four shows, however, my wife and I have always been surprised that there’s no event-themed merchandise available.

Well, apparently Disney got “smart” and decided that with Animal Kingdom’s new show – Rivers of Light – they would remedy that!

We came across a large collection of merchandise inside Discovery Trading Company.  This is the gift shop to your right as you gaze at the Tree of Life.

What did we find?  Coffee cups, blankets, t-shirts, and, of course, different light-up items!

The prices were pretty much normal for Disney.  The interesting part, though, was that 10% of the purchase amount goes to Disney Conservation Fund!

Folks, if you head over to Animal Kingdom to see Rivers of Light, stop and pick up a souvenir.  Not only will you have a nice memento to take home, you’ll help support conservation!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is Brightened by Rivers of Light!

By John Peters

Hey, all!  Like you, my wife and I have been waiting for Rivers of Light to premiere at Animal Kingdom for quite a while.  We were very excited to see it finally start regular showings.

On a recent Saturday, we headed over to check out WDW’s newest nighttime spectacular.  We made fast passes for the second showing – a show starting at 10:00 PM.  We were to show up 40 minutes early – at 9:20.

If you want to see the first show, I would recommend doing either a FP+ or the Dining Package. Pick Tiffin’s or Tusker House!

Tip: I overhead several Cast Members saying that a fast pass is not normally necessary for the second show.  Personally, I would recommend using your FP+ for attractions during the day.  Do more rides during the first show … and, then, do stand-by for the second show.

We headed over to Asia at around 9:00 PM.  Cast Members held us up at Kali River Rapids while the first show exited.  What to do?  Why, ride Kali, of course!

There was no line, so I stepped right onto a raft.  At the top of the hill, I was able to see the fireworks from Hollywood Studios.  It was really awesome!

After my ride, I grabbed a Kungaloosh Spiced Excursion Ale Draft from the Thirsty River Bar & Trek Snacks.  That got me ready for the show!

The show, itself, is full of absolutely stunning barges – all designed as renditions of animals.

In addition, there are floating lotus blossoms that light up and shoot water.

Our favorite part, however?  The music!  It was thoroughly inspirational.

It was just a little breezy that evening, but that was enough to disrupt the images that were being displayed on the water screens.  Sadly, it was distorted to the point that I couldn’t tell the difference between a horse and a tiger.

The show is taking place inside Animal Kingdom, of course, and therefore does not include any fireworks.  Because of that, there is no big climactic event.  As a result, it feels as if the show slows down and then just kind of ends.

Regardless of those few critiques, Rivers of Light is definitely worth seeing … but, maybe only once per trip.  I’ll be back tomorrow with more, folks!