A Mad Dash Through Magic Kingdom’s Decorations!

Howdy, folks!  Pull up your stools at the WDW Main Street Pub and join John Peters and Doug Davis as they cover all of the latest news from around Walt Disney World!

John visited the Magic Kingdom on a super-busy Saturday night because he wanted to see their holiday decorations.  Did he have fun?  Did he get some great pictures?  You be the judges.  See them below!

The guys cover a New Year’s Eve party that you can book at The Edison restaurant in Disney Springs and so much more!  Grab yourself a cold beverage, everyone.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show at …

Episode 416 – Our Weekly News!

The Ladies Invade the Pub … Again?!

Join Judith and Carmen as they step into the Main Street Pub for some exciting bar banter!  Will they put Doug Davis in his place … again?  You bet!

The gang teams up to give us pointers for visiting WDW during the holidays!  So, grab yourself a frosty beverage, folks.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy this very special episode at …

Episode 412 – Judith, Carmen, and the Holidays!

Christmas at Animal Kingdom Lodge … as taken from the balcony that is the Kilimanjaro Club!

What? More New Restaurants in Disney Springs?!

Howdy, folks!  Pull up your stools at the Main Street Pub and join John and Doug as they discuss all of the latest news and rumors from around Walt Disney World!

What?  Are there more dining options coming to Disney Springs … as well as to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort?!  Hey!  Will the Hall of Presidents ever re-open?

Crack open a frosty beverage, my friends, and get the answers to these burning questions and much, much more on this week’s episode!  Find it at …

Episode 414 – Our Weekly News!

Step into the pub, folks, and grab a stool! It’s another exciting episode of the WDW Main Street Podcast!

An Old Friend with a New Trip Report!

Hey, folks!  What, oh what, has our retired colleague – Dennis Conroy – been up to now?  I mean, where has he been?  Did lose his key to the WDW Main Street Pub, or something?

Actually, he recently returned from WDW, and he’s back to share it all!  Did he enjoy his stay at Riverside?  Did he lift his ban on eating at buffets?  Did he like STK Orlando?  Catch it all in …

Episode 410 – A Trip Report with Dennis!

Grab a “Taste” of Magic Kingdom’s Christmas … Courtesy of ResortTV1!

Hello, my friends.  Seasons Greetings!  Huh?  Already?  Yeah, I suppose so.  Walt Disney World is definitely dressing up for another holiday season!

Want to grab a taste of the celebration?  Then, click the picture directly below to get your first glimpse of 2017’s dressed-up Magic Kingdom – courtesy of ResortTV1!

Hey, would you care to know one of our favorite things about Christmas time in Disney?  Resort decorations.  All of them, actually, but, specifically, we are very fond of the Grand Floridian’s Gingerbread House.  It is delicious!

Of course, when it comes to attractions, it’s hard to pass by the transformation that happens over in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland.  How can you miss taking a ride on the Jingle Cruise!

Folks, join John Peters and Doug Davis as they cover the latest news from all around Walt Disney World.  What’s on their list, this week?  Disney’s holiday entertainment schedules, of course!  Listen to their entertaining report at …

Episode 407 – Our Weekly News!