An All in WDW Favorite: Yehaa Bob Jackson

I’m not even going to ask you how you feel about Yehaa Bob Jackson’s 23-year run being ended by Disney.  I already know.  We feel the same way.  It’s awful.  River Roost will never be the same.

Let’s not dwell on the “why did they” or “how could they” of corporate America, however.  Businesses will always be businesses, and very few (if any) will ever rule with their hearts.

My friends, I’ll just say it … I spent over 35 years in corporate America.  To expect Disney and its executives to be any different from any other emotionless organization is to fool ourselves.  No matter their wealth, they won’t make decisions based on compassion.  They’ll think with their wallets.

In the meantime, how can we show Bob our love and support?  Well, for starters, if you don’t already, please follow Yehaa Bob on Facebook or on Twitter.

Want to do more?  Then, visit Bob Jackson Music.  There, you can buy Disney sing-along and original music CDs.  Bob even sells a pretty impressive selection of t-shirts and other gear.

I’ll end with this – Mrs. All in WDW and I only got the opportunity to see Bob’s act once.  It was a great night that we spent with good friends – Dennis Conroy (former co-host of the WDW Main Street Podcast) and his wife.  One of our favorite Disney memories ever.  Thank you for that, Yehaa Bob!

Episode 497 – Our Sunday News … and Doug’s Fantastic Trip Report!

Hey, folks!  Pull up your bar stools at the Main Street Pub with Doug, John, and myself as we discuss all of the latest news from around WDW!

And, that’s not all … Doug just got back from Orlando.  Don’t you want to hear about his trip to “The World”?

How happy was Doug with his beloved Port Orleans-Riverside?  Where did he and John go for lunch?  Were Bangers and Mash on the menu?  Where did Doug and his lovely wife go for their anniversary dinner?  Did they enjoy their week in the parks?

Grab yourself a cold one, my friends.  This is a nice, long, jam-packed episode!  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!  Catch it all at …

Episode 497 – Our Sunday News … and Doug’s Fantastic Trip Report!

An Old Friend with a New Trip Report!

Hey, folks!  What, oh what, has our retired colleague – Dennis Conroy – been up to now?  I mean, where has he been?  Did lose his key to the WDW Main Street Pub, or something?

Actually, he recently returned from WDW, and he’s back to share it all!  Did he enjoy his stay at Riverside?  Did he lift his ban on eating at buffets?  Did he like STK Orlando?  Catch it all in …

Episode 410 – A Trip Report with Dennis!

Disney’s Busiest Waterway? Sassagoula Dreamin’!

Ahoy, folks!  This nautical tribute is dedicated to the biggest Sassagoula fan that I personally know – Skipper Doug Davis!

An unadulterated Sassagoula River Cruise captain “wanna-be”, the host of WDW Main Street’s podcast is definitely a fan.

Actually, when Mrs. All in WDW and I last visited “The World”, I sent Doug a video or two of his beloved river boats.  Oh.  Not to “rub it in”, mind you.  I just wanted to give him a glimpse of “home”!

Having said that, before we proceed to the “meat” of this salute, I’d like to make one small observation.  The Sassagoula River is one busy waterway!

It took a stay at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort for me to really see, and appreciate, it.  Those boats motor up and down the river nonstop!

So, in that spirit, please take a few minutes to check out the “traffic”, my friends.

From our room’s balcony as well as “live” on a private (there was no one else on the boat!) ride to Port Orleans, here are Doug’s beloved boats!  Enjoy!