Merry Christmas from the All in WDW Family!

This holiday message is sponsored by Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto.  Located deep in the heart of Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, they welcome you to visit them for the holidays!


Actually, I wish that I could truthfully say that Sam was sponsoring anything on All in WDW, but I couldn’t resist working the photo above into our holiday message.

Quite gruesome, isn’t he?  The backstory is this … on our first visit to the Grog Grotto, I elected to try their Shrunken Zombie Head cocktail.

Made of three kinds of rum and a selection of tropical juices, it is served in a souvenir “Shrunken Head”.  Of course, you have to pay for the souvenir.

“What are you going to do with that?”, Mrs. All in WDW immediately asked.  Quick on my toes, I responded, “Why, I’ll put it on my desk and use it for a pencil holder!”

Well, it is on my desk, but I found a much better use for it than pencils.  Once she saw this, she exclaimed, “Hey, that’s pretty festive!”

See, my friends?  Even “zombies” can get into the Christmas spirit!

Have very Happy Holidays, everyone!  Please be safe and take the time to slow down enough to truly enjoy family and friends.

Thanks for your continuing support of All in WDW!  We’ll see you again after Christmas!  Ho, ho, ho!

Bring on the Turkey! Happy Thanksgiving, My Friends!

Good morning, my friends!  On this holiday, whether you are in America and celebrate Thanksgiving or not, we extend to you our most sincere gratitude and best wishes!


To all of you, the fine people that make up “The World of All in WDW”, we wish you, your families, and your friends much health, prosperity, and happiness.

We extend you our personal thanks for your loyal support and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day!  Now!  Bring on the turkey!

It Still Comes Down to Two Simple Words …

Happy 2nd Birthday, All in WDW!

“When … all is said and done, it [still] comes down to two simple words.  Two words that you’ve heard (or read) me say before … THANK YOU.  Yes.  Thank you.”

I’m paraphrasing that from what I posted this day one year ago when All in WDW reached its 1st anniversary.  It’s no less true today.

One more year later, I can still declare that Mrs. All in WDW and I are having an absolute blast.  We’ve done SO much.  Made so many new Disney friends.  Experienced so much more of WDW’s magic.

Best of all, we’ve experienced the magic of your loyal readership!  THANK YOU!

ALL of you who have faithfully followed our posts on a daily basis.  Everyone on Reddit.  All who have re-Tweeted our Tweets.  Those that have Liked our posts on Facebook.  All of you who have Liked All in WDW on Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and Tumblr, THANK YOU!

If you voted in one of our polls, tried your mind at our trivia questions, or commented on a post on All in WDW, THANK YOU!

My friends, I thank you again so very much on behalf of my wife and I for all of your support over the last two years.  We look forward to bringing much, much more to you.  All our best from All in WDW … because YOU are the best!

Finally, without food, a post isn’t an All in WDW post, now, is it?

Some of you may have seen this a few days ago, but let me introduce you to the best burger on Disney property … Laguna Bar’s Cheddar Burger!

Photo Nov 15, 11 34 58 AM

Prepared in the Las Ventanas/Rix Lounge kitchen, this burger is an absolute delight.  True WDW burger aficionados might dispute my claim, but that’s right, Beaches & Cream lovers … I said Laguna Bar serves up THE “best”!

Photo Nov 15, 11 35 08 AM

Bon appetit!