What a Big, Beautiful, Blue Balloon! Disney Springs’ “Newest” Decoration!

Good morning, folks!  How have you been?  It has only been a few days, but I feel like I’ve been “gone” for ages!

You know, sometimes, I just have to post something simple.  Today, I’d like to celebrate Characters in Flight … Operated by Aerophile!

I know.  I’ve covered Characters before.   It was a different balloon back then.  Nonetheless, I’m just entranced by the prospect of hovering over Disney Springs.

Not necessarily “new”, of course, it’s the world’s largest tethered helium balloon – just ask Disney – and, hey, it’s on my “Living List”!

Anyway, on our last visit to “The World”, Mrs. All in WDW and I captured the best of this wonderful attraction.  Take a look and enjoy!

A Balloon with a View … Part Two!

Yeah, I know.  I have written about Characters in Flight several times before.  Here and here, to be more specific.

I guess I’m pretty smitten with the whole idea of getting a true birds’ eye view of the best vacation resort in the universe!

Anyway, too bad I can’t quite get up the courage to step inside that balloon’s “basket”!  Oh, well.  Maybe some day!

I just had to share these shots.  Taken from various locations in Disney Springs, lets go “Up, up and away in [Disney’s] … beautiful balloon!”

"Up, Up And Away"!

“Up, Up And Away”!

Stopping in for lunch, are we?

Stopping in for lunch, are we?

You want me to go WAY up there!! Yikes!

You want me to go WAY up there!! Yikes!

Balloon Over Boathouse!

Sometimes a few good pictures tell a story much better than any author can write.  To be honest, I’m not sure my words could do justice to this sight.

Visit Downtown Disney, my friends.  Can we just start calling it Disney Springs, by the way?  Hop on the Sassagoula River Cruise and enjoy!

You’ll experience a relaxing ride, and you’ll find the balloon, boats, blue sky, and clouds.  What beauty!



Who Doesn’t Love a Balloon with Character?!

Are you afraid of heights?  No?  I am … a little.  OK, so more than a little.  Like, I can’t go on a Ferris wheel with Mrs. All in WDW – much to her chagrin – “little”.

That’s all right.  She doesn’t do roller coasters, and I love those!

Anyway, we passed by Downtown Disney’s Characters in Flight a few weeks ago, and I took a few quick shots.  No, I did not take a ride!

Photo Apr 04, 11 03 06 AM

Operated by the French designer and manufacturer of tethered gas balloons – Aerophile – Characters gives you the opportunity to hover 400 feet above Downtown!  Gulp.

Photo Apr 04, 11 03 39 AM

Quoting Disney, it’s an 8-10 minute experience which provides its Guests with “a breathtaking 360-degree view of the Downtown Disney area”.

Photo Apr 04, 10 59 58 AM

Hmm.  I’ll take your word for it waltdisneyworld.com!

As for you, my friends … if you’re braver than me, and love a thrilling experience, this attraction might be well worth its $18 adult price!

Photo Apr 04, 11 03 27 AM

Hey!  Have you tried it already?  Tell us what it’s like!