Pick Your Resort – The Finale!

OK, folks.  It’s time to “Double Down”.  In other words, I’ve made yet another executive decision.  You’ll see what that is in a short minute.  Oh, and I add an extra twist to this finale!  More on that later, as well.

First, though, I get it, OK?  Port Orleans.  In bold print.  Big neon letters, in fact.  My poor Coronado Springs never had a chance, did it?  The thing I never expected in Round 1 was that both branches of WDW’s “Taste of Louisiana” would find their way to the finale to set up a good, old-fashioned “N’awlins Throwdown”.  I thought, for sure, that someone – Art of Animation? Caribbean Beach? – would sneak in to vie for the championship.  I was wrong.

If you look at the Round 2 results, you’ll see that the two groups finished with a common pattern.  The Moderates – Riverside (59.63%) and French Quarter (59.35%) – won their polls resoundingly and by earning an almost-identical percentage of their group’s vote.  Ending in second place, however, were the two remaining Value resorts – Pop Century and Art of Animation.

So, on to the executive decision.  Where I had intended for us to crown our Favorite WDW Moderate/Value Resort, I now present two separate head-to-head polls to award a pair of titles – Favorite WDW Moderate Resort and Favorite WDW Value Resort!

And, to the “twist”.  Mrs. All in WDW and I have never stayed at Port Orleans.  Have I told you we’re big fans of Coronado Springs?  Ha-ha.  Anyway, we have a few trips for 2013 already on the countdown clock, but there are more to plan.  Take care in who you choose between Riverside and French Quarter because the resort you pick in this poll is the place where we’ll book our next “as yet un-booked” trip to The World!  Make a good choice for us, my friends!

Pop Century

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