Quick Magic! – The Finale!

The old stalwarts vanquish the new and trending. I’m really surprised by that, but, I’m pretty pleased as well. Call me a “die hard” fan, but I don’t like it when the “new kids on the block” come in and unceremoniously bump off our veteran favorites.

For example, I stopped by Gaston’s Tavern a few weeks ago to take a peek at their offerings, and I came to the conclusion that it might not be the place for me. I have had WDW’s famed turkey leg, and I just don’t know if Gaston’s pork shank is going to be my kind ‘o thing. So, when Gaston took a fall after Round 1, I didn’t shed too many tears.

My feelings are the same with regard to …

… Be Our Guest Restaurant. We’ll run this poll again sometime in the future, I’m sure. Maybe BoG will rise to the top then, but, for now, as far as I’m concerned, I’m glad that the Magic Kingdom’s traditional “hot spots” put the shiny new Quick Service in its place. It might be a great place to eat, but I’m not waiting in a 30-60 minute lunch line anywhere.

We’re down to the “final four”, folks. This time, one will rule them all! Who is our Favorite Disney’s Magic Kingdom Quick Service Restaurant? It is the final vote!

Can I please ask you a favor?  If you have Facebook friends and Twitter followers, please spread the news about All in WDW and our votes.  There’s a lot more to come, and the more people that we can get to enjoy the Magic, the merrier!  Thanks very much!

Main Street Bakery

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