WDW Trivia! – The Answer

Yep, I thought yesterday’s trivia question might be an easy challenge.  I was right!  46.03% (29 of 63) of you got it right!  The answer … Disney’s Magic Kingdom opened with a general admission price of $3.50.

You know, this question got me to thinking.  These days, a one-day park ticket would run you $89.00 – a mere 2,543% increase over 1971!!  Yikes!  How in “The World” did Disney let that happen?  So, I consulted one of my favorite sources – AllEars.net – and their comprehensive history of  WDW ticket increases.  I think we’re being “nickel-and-dimed” to death, my friends!  Take a look.  If you’re a numbers “buff”, it is an interesting read.  If not, I chewed through some of the data:

  • Disney has increased the price of their one-day admission 44 times since October 1, 1971.
  • They have averaged just over one price increase per year.
  • Admission to Magic Kingdom increased by $0.25 only four months after the park opened.
  • That sounds small, but it was a 7% increase.
  • The smallest increase in their 41 years was that same $0.25 jump.
  • Their largest single increase was $5.00 in January of 2005.
  • That was a 9% increase from $54.75 to $59.75.
  • The only years not to see the price get raised were 1976, 1977, and 1988.
  • The last increase, in June of 2012, was a 4.7% increase.
  • At that rate, a one-day admission will reach $93 in 2013, $98 in 2014, and breach the dreaded $100 barrier to hit $102 in 2015!

Do you need a WDW Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR)?  Check here.

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One thought on “WDW Trivia! – The Answer

  1. Growing up on the west coast, I do remember admission ticket prices that were very reasonable, but there was a major difference back then. The cost of admission was just that -the cost of admission. You then had to buy ride ticket coupon books to get on different attractions ranging from the cheapest ones (“A Tickets”) up to the best rides/attractions (“E Tickets”). They still use the A-E description today when they describe the level of rides.

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