Recommended YouTube Live Streams and Schedule!

If listening to our podcast doesn’t quite fill the Disney void, then please check out these phenomenal YouTube live streams!  Remember … subscribe to their channels and click their notification bells.  They often hit us with surprise steams.  You don’t want to miss even one!  Click their logos to visit their channels!

Otherwise, on, more or less, a regular schedule, you’ll find:

Josh and Jenna of ResortTV1 every Friday night!  They’ve even appeared on the WDW Main Street Podcast!

Most every Saturday and Sunday, Walt and Melissa of Mouse Talk are strolling around in Walt Disney World.  Spend the weekend with them!

On Monday, Robert and Alyssa star in Here With The Ears.  They have a fantastic story.  They lived in Disney for a year!  That’s right.  They lived in WDW resorts for an entire year.  I wish!

Thursday nights are home to Cory Meets World featuring – you guessed it – Cory!  What is he usually up to?  Rides.  Food.  Friendly banter.  Food.  Fun and frivolity.  Food.  You get the idea!

If that doesn’t fill your weeks, then subscribe to Nick of MagicalNewsLIVE!  He pops up pretty much anytime during the week to treat us with a quick stroll through WDW’s parks and resorts!

Guess What?! Sensibility Returns to Main Street! Dennis is Back!

Howdy, folks! Dennis is back!  Let the ranting begin!  Actually, ever the calm voice of reason, join Dennis as he partners up with Doug and Bob to return sensibility to the WDW Main Street Podcast.  Let’s face it … Doug and Bob were left unsupervised last week, and Dennis’s leadership was much needed.  John, you need to come back too!

Annual pass increases, money-grubbing Bob Iger, Darth Vader vs. Kylo Ren, Lion King Scavenger Hunt, Skyliner, we discuss it all!  Plus, how is Mickey’s Not-So-Scary going to impact Dennis’s upcoming vacation?  Is he pleased?  Hmmm.

Grab a cold beverage, friends.  You’re going to need it … as we also discuss Disney’s up-charged parties, parties, parties!  Sheesh!  What a jam-packed, yet expensive-sounding, show!  Catch it at …

Episode 528 – Our Weekly News!

Step into the pub, folks, and grab a stool! It’s another exciting episode of the WDW Main Street Podcast!

Episode 522 – Our Sunday News!

Hello, everyone!  Take a few minutes and wander into the Main Street Pub!  It’s a wonderful place where all are welcome!

What’s up today?  Dennis [That’s right! I said ‘Dennis’! He’s back at the pub!] and Doug discuss all of the latest news from around Walt Disney World!

What does Dennis think of all of the changes at WDW?  Is he excited about the impending arrival of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?

Grab yourself a cold beverage, folks.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy this very special show!  Dennis is back!  Catch it all at …

Episode 522 – Our Sunday News!

Episode 518 – Our Sunday News!

Hello, everyone!  Welcome to the Main Street Pub!  Step on in and grab a seat.  You don’t want to miss another chance to join John and Doug as they discuss all of the latest news from around Walt Disney World.

Did you hear the big news?  “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” has opened in Disneyland Park at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California!  Are you excited for its upcoming arrival at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

Unbelievably, Epcot’s annual Food & Wine festival is back in the news.  How, you ask?  More acts have been announced for this year’s Eat to the Beat Concert Series!

Catch those two topics and much, much more, folks.  Just order up a refreshing beverage, sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s jam-packed episode!  Where can you find it?  Right here at …

Episode 518 – Our Sunday News!