The WDW Community Rocks!

I really struggled to come up with a title for this post, and I finally settled on the only thing that kept coming to the fore-front of my mind … because the WDW community does rock!

Last October, as Mrs. All in WDW and I anxiously waited for the Canada Food & Wine booth to open, Rick Howard – President and Owner of Kingdom Magic Vacations and host of the Travel with Rick video podcast – passed by on his way to record an episode of his show.  We called out to him, and he kindly took the time to stop by and visit.  It just happened to be my 50th birthday that day, and I told him that his time, as well as the picture he took with us, was a very memorable birthday present.  Of course, that was way back before All in WDW was born, but it was one of the things that drove me to bring this site to life.

Fast-forward to yesterday … after a brief Twitter and email exchange with Rick, we were honored to have the opportunity to meet with him once again.  But, not only did we get to meet with Rick, we also had the chance to sit and talk with his lovely wife, Leslie, and his fantastic associate John Donahue of WDW Parkhoppers.  John works very closely with Rick, Kingdom Magic Vacations, and the Travel with Rick show.

John Donahue, Rick Howard, myself, and Mrs. All in WDW!

John Donahue, Rick Howard, myself, and Mrs. All in WDW!

It was a fabulous opportunity to spend a couple of hours learning from people who have been part of the WDW blogging community for years.  The knowledge we gained from our (to us) all-too-brief meeting was absolutely invaluable, but the most important message we heard was to remember why we blog.  We need to remember that we started All in WDW to express our love of Walt Disney World, and we need to remember that we blog for you – the kind and generous people that share a few minutes of your precious time every day to visit with us.

In the months since we opened, we have been blessed to meet some of the Disney community of bloggers and meet some of you – our readers.  We thank you for your continued support, and we can’t urge you enough to visit Rick and John at Kingdom Magic Vacations, Travel with Rick, and WDW Parkhoppers.  They are truly phenomenal people!  Oh, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter, my friends!

Thanks, again, for your time yesterday, guys.  It went way too fast!

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