Quick Service Recon: French Vanilla Iced Coffee Float

A mere day after being drowned by constant rain, Mrs. All in WDW and I were so excited to jet off to a park that, first thing in the A.M., we shot off to the Magic Kingdom at “warp speed”. Well, OK, the Disney buses don’t cruise along quite that fast, but you get the idea. We were in such a rush, however, we completely forgot one of our morning “must haves” – a steaming cup of coffee.

After we made it through the new RFID “turnstiles” and into ‘The Most Magical Place On Earth’, a helpful Cast Member pointed us in the direction of Sunshine Tree Terrace. That’s where we were told we could find our morning cup of ‘joe’.

Sunshine Tree Terrace

As it turned out, I couldn’t stick with the ‘plan’. First of all, even at a little after 9 o’clock in the morning, it was too hot to have a hot cup of coffee. At least, for me it was. Mrs. All in WDW stayed ‘on target’ and bought a nice vanilla latte, but I became entranced by an unexpected menu item – a French Vanilla Iced Coffee Float!

Photo Jun 07, 9 48 44 AM

Thinking I was killing two birds with one stone by having a yummy “breakfast” and my breakfast coffee at the same time, I just ended up with a lot of ice cream. Don’t get me wrong, it was tasty, but the menu had teased me with the prospect of a little bit of vanilla soft-serve and a generous portion of java. In the end, there was only the smallest hint of anything resembling coffee in my cup.

My advice? If you’re looking for a cup of coffee, buy a cup of coffee. If you want to try a French Vanilla Iced Coffee Float, then do it at a time when you’re craving a dessert-like snack. Oh, and grab a straw so you can reach the “coffee” at the bottom of the cup. And, eat the ice cream fairly quickly. It melts fast!

See ya’ tomorrow, folks!

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