Discover the Hidden Treasure of the Sassagoula River Cruise!

So, as I mentioned yesterday, the Sassagoula River Cruise gives guests at Disney’s Old Key West, Saratoga Springs, and Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter resorts a fun way to get back and forth from Downtown Disney.

According to, the Sassagoula River is a man-made 2½ mile waterway, and “… the ferry [is] a free service which takes guests … all the way down the river to Downtown Disney.  The twenty minute boat trip is a very pleasant and relaxing alternative to road transport and shouldn’t be missed.”

The fleet consists of 15 yellow and blue boats that cover four routes.  The boats all carry Southern-style names:

  1. Memphis Miss
  2. Louisiana Lady
  3. Sassagoula Sunset
  4. Bayou Princess
  5. Cresent City Queen
  6. Magnolia Blossom
  7. Florida Queen
  8. Buena Vista Queen
  9. Saratoga Queen
  10. Blossom Queen
  11. Jazz Lady
  12. Delta Lady
  13. Azalea Bloom
  14. Southern Breeze
  15. Jazz Queen

When it comes to yesterday’s trivia challenge, the name that was not one of the Sassagoula River Cruise boats was Delta King.  I made that one up!  It was your most-popular response, however, my friends.  So, if that was your guess, great job!  Way to go! reports that, “… the [Sassagoula River Cruise] boats run four separate ferry routes from various Downtown Disney dock areas, so be careful to catch the right service.”  The routes, evidently, are marked by different colored flags.

They go on to describe that, “[t]he Port Orleans “Sassagoula River Cruise” service currently departs from the original Downtown Disney Marketplace dock next to the Rainforest Cafe, while the services for Old Key West and Saratoga Springs both operate from the dock behind Paradiso 37 on Pleasure Island.  There is also an internal shuttle boat service which runs between the three Downtown Disney locations.”

Sassagoula Boat

Color-coding for boat service is as follows:

Yellow Flags – Disney’s Port Orleans (both Riverside and French Quarter) Resort
Blue Flags – Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa.  This includes a stop for the Treehouse Villas
Green Flags – Disney’s Old Key West Resort
Red Flags – the Downtown Disney water taxi

I hope we have helped you learn a little bit about, what can only be called, this hidden WDW treasure.  I have to tell you … I have.  In fact, the more I “investigated” the Sassagoula River Cruise, the more anxious I have become to explore its waterways.

Next up?  We’ll take a “blue” boat over to Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa!

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