Today’s Flatbread: Buffalo Chicken

Since the mere mention of Via Napoli got us onto the topic of pizza yesterday, let me quickly spill another one of our creations past you.

We love to dabble.  For example, you’ve seen our attempts to create some of our “Food” & Garden and Food & Wine favorites.  Things like our take on Mexico’s Shrimp Tacos.  Or, our rendition of a “Brazilian” Pork Tenderloin.

Well, a few weeks ago, we decided to get creative with a selection of “flatbreads”.  Well, I called them flatbreads.  Mrs. All in WDW said they were more like “designer pizzas”.  Nonetheless, they were …

… delicious.  Oh, OK.  So, we thought they were pretty darn tasty, at least!

It all starts with, you guessed it, a pizza crust.  I hate it when Mrs. All in WDW is right!  She pre-baked half a container (roll?) of Pillsbury Classic Pizza Crust for about seven (7) minutes in a 400 degree oven.  She likes to do that in order to ensure the crispiness of the “pie”.

For me, when it came to the Buffalo Chicken version, it began with … the chicken!  I cut it up into course chunks, seasoned it with fresh cracked pepper, salt, and Weber N’Orleans Cajun Seasoning, and browned it in a bit of olive oil.  Before I took it all out of the pan to rest, I did cut one of the largest pieces in half to ensure it was cooked through.

The crust got layered with a healthy dose of Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wings Sauce.  Not too much but not too little.  You know how hot you like your food!

For the toppings, I sprinkled on a thin, sparse helping of mozzarella.  Then, I dosed the pie with finely chopped onion, celery, and green pepper.  Finally, the chicken was liberally distributed.  Mrs. All in WDW said I laid it on a bit too heavy, but, hey!  It had to have enough chicken!

The pizza received a decoration of blue cheese and was popped into a 400 degree oven for approximately another seven (7) minutes.  Just keep checking the bottom of the crust.  You’ll know when its done because you won’t want the bottom to burn.  In the end, you’ll be able to enjoy!

Bon appetit!

Buffalo Chicken

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