It’s a “Contemporary” Situation!

Sometime back, I mentioned that Mrs. All in WDW and I have become quite enamored with the Contemporary Resort’s Outer Rim lounge.

We really enjoy spending bits of time sitting, relaxing, and taking in the Contemporary’s exciting ambiance.  You know, the monorail cruising through the resort, for example?

Oh, it doesn’t end there.  Have you seen the breathtaking views of Bay Lake?  My friends, it’s even fun to witness the crowds of people standing in line for their ADRs at Chef Mickey’s!

Of course, the Outer Rim isn’t perfect.

What is its one failing – even by the staff’s own admission?  It doesn’t currently offer a food menu!  However … that might be a ‘temporary’ situation!  We’ll see!

In the meantime, never fear.  “Snacks” are near!  In fact, if you want anything at all to eat, all you have to do is visit the Contempo Cafe.  It’s right across the “street”!


And, that, folks, brings me to today’s “delicacy”.  Witness the Cafe’s Smoked Pulled Pork Flatbread!


Barbecue sauce, Monterey jack cheese, house-smoked pulled pork … all topped with a vegetable coleslaw?  $11.49 and perfect for sharing!

My friends, have you taken a trip to the … Outer Rim?  It’s a great place to warp in for a visit.  The bartenders are friendly and fantastic.  The food?  Well, it’s fabulous too!

Today’s Flatbread: Buffalo Chicken

Since the mere mention of Via Napoli got us onto the topic of pizza yesterday, let me quickly spill another one of our creations past you.

We love to dabble.  For example, you’ve seen our attempts to create some of our “Food” & Garden and Food & Wine favorites.  Things like our take on Mexico’s Shrimp Tacos.  Or, our rendition of a “Brazilian” Pork Tenderloin.

Well, a few weeks ago, we decided to get creative with a selection of “flatbreads”.  Well, I called them flatbreads.  Mrs. All in WDW said they were more like “designer pizzas”.  Nonetheless, they were …

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