Dining Recon: Old Key West’s Gurgling Suitcase

From yesterday’s breakfast to today’s light lunch, Mrs. All in WDW and I travel across Disney property to a less-heralded Deluxe resort – Old Key West!

Can you believe that, in years of visiting Walt Disney World, we had never, ever stepped foot in “the Keys”?  What a pleasant surprise it was!  And, what a hidden gem the Gurgling Suitcase truly is!

Imagine an “outdoor” pool bar that is air conditioned.  Outside?  Air conditioned?  What?!

Hey!  We love an outdoor bar as much as anyone.  Have I told you lately just how much we love the Laguna Bar at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort?

Last week, with most of Orlando’s days in the mid to high 90’s, we needed a break from the heat.  I mean, it routinely felt like 100 degrees or higher!

The Suitcase presented a refreshing alternative for “chilling” (pun intended) in the Summer sunshine.





And, Roberto, our bartender was very friendly – and a top notch mixologist.  He tells us that the Turtle Krawl is the Suitcase’s signature drink.




Our “lunch” was merely a little snack – tasty Conch Fritters with dips of key-lime mustard and remoulade.  The fritters and remoulade were phenomenal!



We enjoyed our visit so much that Mrs. All in WDW boldly declared that the Old Key’s “gurgling luggage” is now her 2nd favorite bar on property!

Yes, folks.  Laguna is still #1 in our books – by a long, long shot – but Gurgling Suitcase definitely takes up a spot in our personal Top 5 WDW “watering holes”!

We highly recommend that you visit, at least once.  Oh, and, by the way?  The decor is very interesting and well themed!  Cheers, for today, my friends!




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