Menu “Recon”: Brunch at Raglan Road!

This is one of those times when I wish we could have stopped to eat … especially when I got a thorough glimpse at their great menu!

Hey!  Who doesn’t love brunch, eh?  Better yet, who wouldn’t love to have a nice healthy plate of Bangers & Booz at Raglan Road?


A Guinness and onion banger on mash topped with caramelized onions and beef stew?  Uh … and beef stew?  Wow!  I can understand why it’s listed under the section “It’s All to Devour”!

Have any of you been to Raglan Road’s Brunch?  How is it?  What would you recommend?  Have you had the Bangers & Booz?  Is it good?  Let us know!

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