Beware! There Are “Animals” Everywhere! VOTE For YOUR Favorite Animal Kingdom Attractions!

Hello, my friends!  Have you missed me?  I needed a couple of days off … again!  So.  What’s on the schedule for this week?  Fun, fun, fun!  I promise you!

Folks, WELCOME!  Welcome to the 4th Annual installment of All in WDW’s Readers’ Favorite WDW Attractions “tournaments”!  That’s right.  I said, “tournaments“!  And, I said, “4th!”

Triceratop Spin

Culminating with a Walt Disney “World-wide” Final Four on NCAA March Madness Final Four weekend (four months from now), we’ll begin today with a First Round run through Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

And, for 2016, here’s what we’re doing in Round #1 … I present you with four groups of SIX attractions, below.

You get TWO votes PER group.  Two!  VOTE for your two favorites amongst the six in each group.  You get EIGHT total votes today!

The Top 4 attractions in each group will move into the second round of this “competition” … they’ll comprise the “Sensational Sixteen”!

Now … if you don’t have a favorite in a particular group, don’t worry.  And, don’t be shy!  VOTE anyway!  Vote for the choices that you feel best represent which attractions should be elected “best in park”!

There.  Easy enough, eh?  OK.  Go ahead, everyone!  VOTE!  Which experience will become the 2016 All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Disney’s Animal Kingdom Attraction?!

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