Photo “Tour”: Crescent Lake!

“There’s no such thing as too many pictures of Crescent Lake!”  “Like I said … can’t get enough pics of Crescent Lake!”

I made those very same two comments about a month ago on Facebook and, in return, I received feedback like, “I agree.  I love this area!”  I also heard, “Me either.  It’s breathtaking!”

Well, in the spirit of my original statements, allow me to drop an “avalanche” of shots on you this fine morning.  My friends, please enjoy a look at the “world” of Crescent Lake!

File Jan 29, 9 51 47 AM

File Jan 29, 9 52 04 AM

File Jan 29, 9 48 28 AM

File Jan 29, 9 53 21 AM

File Jan 29, 9 52 48 AM

File Jan 29, 9 50 36 AM

File Jan 29, 9 50 12 AM

File Jan 29, 9 52 18 AM

File Jan 29, 12 18 43 PM

File Jan 29, 12 16 22 PM

File Jan 29, 12 17 42 PM

File Jan 29, 12 16 02 PM

File Jan 29, 12 14 39 PM

File Jan 29, 12 14 00 PM

File Jan 29, 12 13 15 PM

File Jan 29, 12 07 28 PM

File Jan 29, 12 06 51 PM

File Jan 29, 12 04 53 PM

File Jan 29, 12 06 07 PM

File Jan 29, 12 15 35 PM

File Jan 29, 12 15 04 PM

File Jan 29, 12 03 41 PM

File Jan 29, 9 53 54 AM

Snack Recon: Crêpes des Chefs de France

My friends, if you ever find yourself walking through World Showcase in search of a sweet little snack, take my advice.  Visit Crêpes des Chefs de France!



Located on the “shore” of World Showcase Lagoon, you’ll find this quaint little spot across from the France pavilion (of course!).


Chocolate, strawberry, sugar, or ice cream.  You name it … they’ve got it all!  And, I’m betting that everything is outstanding!


Can you believe that up until a few weeks ago, I had never sampled their cuisine?  Well, I finally gave them a chance.

I chose their Sugar Crêpe.  At $4.22, it was a bargain.  Warm and delicious, it wasn’t too filling and tasted great!


Like I said, if you’re in Epcot and craving a sweet little snack, let this crêperie answer the call!  Those chefs know what they are doing!

Seven Seas Lagoon? Seven Seas Revealed!

Good morning, folks!  I hope that your weeks have started off on an excellent “note”.

Before I jump into revealing the answers to yesterday’s onslaught of trivia questions, let me give any latecomers to this little party once last chance to weigh in with their responses.

Seven Seas Lagoon?  Seven Seas of Trivia!  How well do you know Disney’s “seven seas”?  Take your shot right here!

Wow!  This pile of water-logged questions turned out to be a bit tougher than I expected, I’m afraid.  Thanks for taking on the challenge, my friends!  Let’s reveal the “secrets”.

#1 – Seven Seas Lagoon reaches a depth of 14 feet.  The most popular response, as of this writing, was 21 feet.  It amazes me that WDW’s ferry boats can navigate in such a shallow “pond”!

#2 – Seven Seas Lagoon connects with adjacent Bay Lake.  Yeah, I didn’t fool many with that question.  You blasted it into the bay!

#3 – Of the choices, only Wilderness Lodge does not border Seven Seas Lagoon.  Of course, you “owned” this question too.  You certainly know your resorts!

#4 – In total, 3 ferry boats can cross Seven Seas Lagoon in order to deliver Guests to and from Disney’s Magic Kingdom.  The most popular answer, so far, was 2 … but only by a slim margin!

#5 – I knew this one would be tough.  The normal capacity of each ferryboat is about 600 to 650 passengers.  Very big boats!  The most popular response was 400 to 450 passengers.


#6 – Seven Seas Lagoon’s infamous “wave machine” was located on Beachcomber Island.  Want to learn more about the Poly’s doomed wave machine?  Check out this great article by Jim Hill!

#7 – Of the choices I gave you, only Runoff Rapids does not find a home on Seven Seas Lagoon.  Once again, I didn’t fool you for even a second.  Those rapids can be found at Blizzard Beach!

Great work, my friends!  You made it through the “Gauntlet of the Seven Seas”!  See ya’ real soon!

Seven Seas of Trivia? Let’s Go!

So, you want to take a pleasure cruise on Seven Seas Lagoon, do ya’?  And, you want to go “all in”?  Then, by all means, please visit Captain’s Shipyard at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

Go ahead!  Enjoy an hour on their Sea Ray ‘Grand 1’ Yacht Excursion!  Prepare to dig pretty deep, however.  The price tag starts at $699.00!  Ouch!



Congratulations to all of you who knew that already and, thereby, got yesterday’s “trivia question” right!

Let’s get back to Seven Seas Lagoon, now, however.  What do we really know about this man-made lake?  Hmm.  Well, let’s see!

Here are seven questions for “the seas”.  Some are easy.  Some are harder.  Some might be tricky!  See how you can do!

#1 – Seven Seas Lagoon reaches a depth of __________ feet.  How many feet?


#2 – What body of water does Seven Seas Lagoon connect with?


#3 – Which one of these resorts does not border Seven Seas Lagoon?


#4 – How many ferry boats cross Seven Seas Lagoon in order to deliver Guests to and from Disney’s Magic Kingdom?


#5 – What is the normal passenger capacity of a Seven Seas Lagoon ferryboat?


#6 -Seven Seas Lagoon’s infamous “wave machine” was closed, soon after WDW opened in 1971, after causing severe erosion to the Polynesian Village Resort’s beach.  That machine was located on which of these islands?


#7 – Which of these WDW attractions does not find a home on Seven Seas Lagoon?

Take Your Shot at a “Grand” Floridian Trivia Question!

OK.  So, this is not so much a trivia question as it is a Grand Floridian Resort & Spa fun fact.  I still think it has a bit of a “grand” feel, however.  I mean, look at this yacht.  Isn’t it phenomenal?


You know, whether taken from afar or shot from up close, Disney’s Grand Floridian is an utterly beautiful resort.  I love the colors, to be honest.  The architecture, itself, is gorgeous.


It is, however, a resort that Mrs. All in WDW and I would class as ,”It’s a nice place to visit, but we wouldn’t want to stay there”.  Why?  Well, the price, of course.  $400, $500, $600 per night?  Nope.

Having said that, we do love stopping by.  The views are breath-taking.  The shops and restaurants are outstanding.  And, as I mentioned, some weeks back, even a quick beer at the pool bar is enjoyable.

One thing that always catches my eye are the Floridian’s boats.  In Disney’s own words, the Floridian offers “A Regatta of Choices”.  Wouldn’t you like to “pilot your own adventure” across Seven Seas Lagoon?


That’s what brings me to today’s “trivia question”.  I’m always keenly interested to see what such adventures might cost.  Especially, when I’m visiting the “grandest” of WDW’s resorts.

So, take a look back at that “deluxe” yacht in the picture at the top of this post.  That craft is the “star” of the Sea Ray ‘Grand 1’ Yacht Excursion.

What is the starting [yes, I said starting] price for a one hour pleasure cruise on that boat?  See ya’ tomorrow with the correct answer … and much, much more!