A Great Day for Football? Yes! Visit United World Soccer at Disney Springs!

It goes without saying that today is a huge day for football.  American football, that is.  For Mrs. All in WDW and I, it’s, sadly, just another day.

Why?  Well, quite simply, any American team we would ever follow – the ever-pathetic Cleveland Browns, the bumbling Atlanta Falcons, or any of Florida’s three clubs – couldn’t get to a Super Bowl if they were able to field a team of all stars!

Then, there’s my true beloved and favorite football team – the English Premier League’s Manchester United Football Club.  What a great season they are having … NOT!

Anyway, on this, what will certainly be a, football over-loaded day, I’d like to present a very brief tour through one of my favorite shops – United World Soccer at Disney Springs!




My "other" favorite team - Orlando's Lions. My friends, the locals LOVE their Lions!

My “other” favorite team – Orlando’s Lions. My friends, the locals LOVE their Lions!



They don’t carry nearly enough United merchandise, in my humble opinion, but I always stop in to see “what’s new”!

My friends, whether you’re a fan of the Carolina Panthers or the Denver Broncos, we hope you enjoy this football “holiday”.  Us?  We’ll be at one of the parks!

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