Dining Recon: Take a Final Look at Fulton’s!

Or, I guess, in our case, I should say, “Let’s take a first look at Fulton’s”!  Yes, folks, up until very recently, Mrs. All in WDW and I had never hopped aboard Disney Springs’ landmark paddleboat.

Good morning, my friends!  Welcome back to All in WDW!

Wow!  In actuality, it has only been five days since we concluded our Favorite WDW Attraction tournament, but I feel like I haven’t published anything in months!

But, back to Fulton’s.  Yes, we finally took the time to visit Fulton’s Crab House … just in the nick of time.  You see, as of yesterday, the restaurant was shut down for renovations.

Disney reports that the refurb will last about six months … after which time the spot will reopen with an outdoor waterfront bar and a rooftop lounge.  Sounds great!  Look for it in November.

In the meantime, let’s take a tour through the decor that “was” and the outstanding food that we hope will return later this year.  Yes, everyone, we had a delicious time!

Photo Mar 07, 1 09 03 PM

Photo Mar 07, 1 09 25 PM

Photo Mar 07, 1 09 18 PM

Photo Mar 07, 1 23 20 PM

Photo Mar 07, 1 22 40 PM

We started our meal by sharing a duo of delectable soups.  First, we sampled the New England Clam Chowder.  Pretty standard stuff, but very tasty!

Photo Mar 07, 1 39 29 PM

Then, we moved on to Fulton’s Corn and Crab Soup.  Wow!  My favorite of the two, it was outstanding!

Photo Mar 07, 1 39 15 PM

It’s not like us, really, to order an appetizer on top of having had soup as a starter, but I just couldn’t resist trying Lobster Corn Dogs!

Photo Mar 07, 1 40 18 PM

What are these, you ask?  Simply, they are cornmeal-breaded, skewered Southwest Pacific slipper lobster tails.  Do I need to say anything more?  Geez, I hope these babies come back in the Fall.

Of course, after filling up with soup and lobster (even though Mrs. All in WDW and I shared it all), we decided we were a bit too full to order separate entrees.  As a result, we split Fulton’s Fish and Chips.

Photo Mar 07, 1 57 41 PM

Yes, my friends, this was half of a portion!  The fish was very good and reminded me a lot of (but not quite as good as) what you can get at Epcot’s Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room.

Did I mention that one of the reasons we finally stopped in was that a friend of ours had just taken a job at Fulton’s?  Well, she was our server that day, and she insisted we try dessert.

Photo Mar 07, 2 11 25 PM

This Chocolate Crème Brûlée was out of this world.  Trust me, we were quite full of seafood, but we ate every last chocolatey bit!

Folks, we can’t wait to see the “new” Fulton’s open later this year.  Will it still be “Fulton’s”?  Will it be re-themed?  I’ve heard all sorts of rumors.

I will say this, however … if they keep making food this good, we’ll be back!  What about you?  Will you miss Fulton’s?

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