Menu “Recon”: YeSake

New?  Or, not?  You know, my friends, there’s so much going on in Disney Springs, I just can’t tell anymore!

Amidst the avalanche of new dining venues crashing down on Disney’s ever-growing “downtown” area, I stumbled on this little venue a few months back.

YeSake Building

Another YeSake Shot

YeSake Sign

It’s YeSake!  It opened on May 15, 2016 and features bowls and wraps that you can customize into “Build Your Own” masterpieces of flavor.

You start with your choice of a Flour Tortilla Wrap, a Jasmine Rice Bowl, or an Udon Noodle Bowl.


Main ingredients available are Fresh Ahi Tuna ($9.99), Cooked Shrimp ($9.99), Yakiniku (it means grilled meat) Beef ($8.99), Fresh Salmon ($9.99), and Grilled Chicken ($8.99).

You choose one of the proteins – you can even add additional main ingredients for $2.00 each – then add toppings and sauces.

By the way, the restaurant’s sauces include Sweet Teriyaki, Spicy Poke Sauce, Korean BBQ, Sesame Ginger, Yuzu-Aioli, and Wasabi Ponzu.

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it!  The whole concept sounds a lot like building a sandwich at Subway, to be honest.

Unfortunately, YeSake was closed when we strolled by, but I can assure you that we’ll stop back!  I even know what I’ll order.

For me, all of the ingredients look mouth-watering, but I’m most enticed by the seafood.  I’d start with either a tortilla wrap or the udon noodles and then add tuna, salmon, or shrimp!  Toss in some spicy poke sauce or wasabi ponzu, and … yum!

How about you, folks.  Does this new eatery catch your interest?  If so, what would you choose?  Bon appetit!  Oh.  And, as a group, whatever you “order” via these polls, we’ll buy and try!  Bank on it!

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