Food Truck Frenzy! New Ordering Process in Disney Springs?

Food trucks, my friends!  Are you a food truck fan?  Yes?  No?  Here … let me be more specific.  Are you a Disney food truck fan?

Actually, where we live in Atlanta, we see a different selection of food trucks each and every Wednesday.  I have to confess.  I’ve never tried one.  My bad, I know.

Having said all of that, I’ve talked about Disney’s food trucks in the past.  You know, Fantasy Fare – an ode to WDW’s Magic Kingdom as well as California’s Disneyland.

How about World Showcase of Flavors – the best of Epcot’s multitude of seasonal food festivals?

Or, Namaste Cafe.  This vehicle once served a WDW favorite – Butter Chicken.  Wait a minute.  “Once served”?  Keep reading, folks.  You’ll see what I mean later.

Regardless of any of Disney Springs’ various themes, I definitely want to try one of these venues at some point.  I just have to be in the right spot at the right time.  They’re never open when we stroll by!

I’ll tell you what, though … if we do make a visit to WDW’s “food truck park”, it’ll have a unique (as far as food trucks are concerned) ordering process.

Check it out!  These days, you order at a central location “up front”.

Then, you pick up your “grub” at the truck!

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that Spring’s Street Tacos is a relatively new entry – as far as I’ve seen – to “downtown’s” food offerings.

A re-invention of Namaste Cafe (compare the pictures of the two trucks), this truck sports a taco selection that includes Grilled Steak, Crispy Pork Belly, Grilled Spiced Mahi Fillet, and Braised Adobo Chicken.  Yum!

I know.  Disney Springs offers many food options these days.  Why take the time and money to patronize a food truck?

Novelty?  Convenience?  Variety?  Price?  I’m not sure what would drive you to try, but, for us, that crispy pork belly is mighty enticing!

Have you sampled one of the delights supplied by a Disney Springs food truck?  If so, what did you try?  What did you think?  Let us all know!

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