Winter? Summer? Why Not Have Both?! [Polls]

After all of our trips to Walt Disney World, there are two specific activities in which Mrs. All in WDW and I have never participated.

Oh, there are many other things we haven’t done, mind you, but these … we’ve never even had an interest.  What are they, you ask?

Water parks and miniature golf.  Yes, folks.  We’ve never soaked at either Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon.  We’ve never putted at Fantasia Gardens or Winter Summerland.

What?!  That can’t be … can it?  You don’t know what you’re missing, Bob!  Well, it’s true, my friends.  It’s true.  You see, water parks are definitely not our thing.  And, putt-putt?  Aren’t there many better things to do?

Thankfully, our friend – John Peters – has tossed us a few pics of one of those, aforementioned, neglected venues – Winter Summerland Miniature Golf!  Let’s see if he can tempt us to bring our putters.

Located near Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, Disney invites you to join Santa and his elves at their off-season retreat.  Why?  To enjoy two 18-hole golf “adventures”!

According to Disney, here’s the paraphrased and abbreviated legend …

“Late one Christmas Eve, as Santa was flying back to the North Pole, he discovered snow in Florida.

After surveying the strange sight, he decided to build a vacation destination for his off-duty elves … a Winter Summerland.

Seeing that the only thing Winter Summerland lacked was a golf course, Santa and his elves divided into 2 camps.  One group enjoyed the warm Florida sun.  The other one preferred the snow and cold of the North Pole.

The elves then built two distinctly different 18-hole golf experiences – a sand course named ‘Summer’ and a snow course named ‘Winter’!

Enjoy fun in the sun at the Summer course amid surfboards, sandcastles and ornaments hanging from palm trees.

Or, putt your way to the ‘North Hole’ on the Winter course.  Watch out for Squirty the Snowman, though!  This jolly soul sprays water at golfers when golf balls pass beneath him.”

So, let’s see what else you have here, John …

Now.  Is that all enough to make Mrs. All in WDW and I pick up our clubs?  Sadly, probably not.  But, let me do this … let me turn it over to you!

Have you gone “golfing”?  Have you surfed through a “typhoon” or “blizzard”?  Let us know, folks, in the polls below!  See ya’ tomorrow!

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