Want to Eat at Homecomin’? Enjoy Dinner with ResortTV1!

Morning, my friends!  Are you ready to eat?  Yes?  Then, let’s go!

Back in May, I posted a Photo Explosion of my and Mrs. All in WDW’s lunchtime break at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’.  Remember it?  No?  Well, by all means, please take a look back at:

Dining Recon: Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ [Photo Explosion!]

If that post doesn’t satisfy your appetite, I certainly know what will!  What is that, you ask?

Folks, please join Jenna of ResortTV1 and her husband Dale as they dine “live” at Homecomin’!

Just click the picture, below, to enjoy their meal – some of Chef’s Famous Fried Chicken!  Bon appetit!

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